Wild Bird Center

Have y’all checked out the Wild Bird Center on Bullard, just east of first? Its 2 doors down from Luby’s (the BEST chinese food in town!), next to a new tea/coffee shop called Lollicup (looks neat, but haven’t checked it out yet), around the corner (in the same parking area) as Savemart.

I’d been in there before, awhile ago, and meant to go back cuz its really a neat place…But just recently I got the idea to take Maeven (my 7yr old) there with her allowance…Now we are HOOKED! The owners are SOOOO nice (and VERY knowledgeable about birds!) and they have everything you can possibly need for backyard bird feeding! They have the most beautiful feeders I’ve ever seen, and so many kinds that its mind boggling…I’m going to be going there regularly to stock up. They have all kinds of bird seeds that inspire me to learn more about the birds that eat them.

They have some awesome websites too!! is their store site and http://wildbirdcenter.podbean.com is where they have all kinds of podcast stories for kids and such. There’s a ton of great stuff on both websites! Very educational!

Anyway, thought I’d spread the word how great this place is! 🙂

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  1. WebmamaTina!
    I’m so excited to see your blog!! We haven’t gotten a chance to visit the Wild Bird Center yet, but it’s now on my list…I think the boys will love it!


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