We Got the Beat Camp starts week after next! June 22-26.

This will be my son’s second summer at We Got the Beat Summer Camp and I cannot say enough about Brenda and her programs. He loves the camp, he loves the sessions during the year (he takes the Adventures in Drumming classes the rest of the year)….Brenda is amazing, her classes are amazing!

So check out her week long day camp where kids that have never even SEEN a drum all the way up through experienced drummers like my son, who apparently has a natural ability and will be doing camp with the “beaters” (the experienced kids from the performance group, I believe) and those that have years of experience can all learn and enjoy percussion instruments and have an absolute blast at this unique week long half-day day camp.

Click here for the camp brochure to print:

CampBrochure2015 v2

Here’s what We Got the Beat Camp is like, according to my 9yr old, who attended for the first time last year:

“You go to different classes. Like there’s drum set class, where you play the drum set and there’s conga class where you play the congas and the bongos. There’s xylophone room where you play the xylophone. And there’s where you practice the songs in the biggest room. You have Diane, which is the teacher for this class and you play every instrument. They have gongs, xylophones, a drum set, there are congas, there’s all instruments from the other classes. And that’s where you practice the whole song all together, not just like parts of it.

I think it’s pretty fun! My favorite class is the drum set class, because I really like playing on the drum set.”

(Webmama note: I thought the drum set class looked pretty cool too because it was a room FULL of drum sets! Where you all play together! How cool is that?)

So your child will be put into age appropriate groups and rotate through various classes throughout the 3 hour day, learning parts of songs through various percussion instruments from a variety of highly skilled and wonderful teachers, culminating in pulling it all together in whole song/whole group learning at the end of each day. There is a final performance at the end of camp for the kids to show off their newly learned skills.

Super fun, super educational, and really neat to watch/listen to! Many of the kids go on to further pursue percussion classes with Brenda throughout the year, they are so jazzed by what they’ve learned. (But of course, that’s entirely optional….but I highly recommend, as my son LOVES his drumming classes all year long!)

Like I said, cannot recommend Brenda and We Got the Beat enough!!! Check it out!! Highly recommended by this Webmama!

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