I got a call today from someone from Fashion Fair Mall security and was assured that the store clerks were NOT correct in saying that security “won’t come”…he suggested that they may be confusing the issue with the fact that they are responsible for their own property and while security will assist them, they do not solve the issues for them…I took this to mean things like shoplifters, maybe?

Anyway I made sure that he understood that I am VERY concerned about the children in the play area and that it seems that they need extra security to be regularly posted at that spot to ensure the children’s safety. He told me they would be beefing up their security and that when I return to shopping there I will notice a difference. Since I’m not at the mall very often, I would appreciate anyone that visits there let me know by commenting here if you notice security (or not). Please let us know what you see.

He said the incident that my mom was a part of was handled and the juveniles in question (he said one was 17 and one was 18) had their parents called and they’ve been banned from visiting the mall for 6months. I don’t know how much of this coincides with what my mom witnessed…I do realize interpretation has a lot to do with things…and my mom’s saying it was a “gang fight” could very well have been a misinterpretation. Everything does tend to seem bigger when you’re in the middle of it, I think. This person I talked to made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal, but would he even if it was? I don’t know. So I really don’t know anything first-hand…just what I’m hearing.

I can say that I felt much better after talking to him. Maybe I’m naive but I tend to trust what people tell me…So if he says that security will be improving, then I assume it will be happening. It remains to be seen still, so please do give your feedback here if you notice anything noteworthy on this.

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