I don’t know if you remember me posting in Aug 2005 about a knife fight incident at Fashion Fair mall. Right next to the children’ play area. (Recap: Knife was pulled during a fight, right next to the play area, children nearby, moms grabbing kids and running…and security didn’t show til after it all cleared up. A friend of mine was right there and first hand witness…she was one of the moms running with her kids…and I got word from another mom in another mom’s group that also was there, same story.)

Well today there was a fight between 2 (presumably) rival gangs…AGAIN right next to the children’s play place. And no security. Again.

My mom witnessed this incident this afternoon around 2pm (actually she was unfortunate enough to walk between the 2 groups just as they started lunging at each other & all hell broke loose.) and she ran into The Body Shop yelling for them to call security. She was told “they never come.” And as of the time my mom left the mall, there was still no security and the fight was dissipating.

This infuriates me and scares me beyond belief. I’m back to not feeling safe at the mall again. My children will not be taken there anytime soon and I would encourage all of you to be very cautious should you decide to go. The comment by the Body Shop worker makes me feel like this happens regularly. I don’t know this for a fact, but it makes me feel like there’s no way in hell that my children will be setting foot in that mall again anytime soon.

I’m absolutely livid about this.

If my daughter had been with my mom (as she often is) she would have seriously been traumatized. I’m not even exaggerating this point because my daughter is excruciatingly sensitive and even little things hurt and scare her. I KNOW she would have been damaged had she been caught in the middle of something like that. Not to mention that there’s the chance of actual bodily harm when stupid people are being stupid.

I’m in search of who to write to about this, again. For now, be warned.

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  1. Lawsuit waiting to happen. Someone should sue them so they would hire more sercurity.

  2. That is really scary, I was just there last with with my daughter and my SIL and her daughter. I will not set foot in that mall again till I hear things changed.

  3. Oh my gosh – I had no idea of this stuff happening there. I don’t go to the mall often, and that won’t be changing any time soon, unless security is beefed up.

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