The Boy Who Stole the Stars at The Broken Leg Stage

My 10yr old daughter and I recently went to go see this play at a tiny little theater in the Tower District: The Broken Leg Stage. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t either! Its tiny and quaint and since one of my daughter’s good friends is starring in the play, we decided to check it out…

Cute play! Its a 4 person production (well 5, as there’s a 5th person that makes a brief appearance as the dragon), 2 adults, 2 children… about a boy (10ish?) staying with his grandparents for the summer and the drama that unfolds with his grandpa proving to be mysteriously cranky. Come to find out that he’s dying and there’s many lessons to be learned in the process of the hour-long play.

The play is kid friendly…nice and short and in your face (only because of the close proximity of the actors to the audience) so that my squirmy 10yr old didn’t have any problems sitting through it (and it also helped that her friend is a good actress, and my daughter was quite impressed with this!)

They don’t recommend younger than 7, and I would agree there…it is a drama so anyone younger would probably be mostly bored. And the dragon might be a bit scary for the littles too…actually my 10yr old would normally be afraid of something like that but was really intrigued by the costume and not scared at all. I kept taking peeks out of the corner of my eye to see if she was getting scared for the 5 or so minutes he was there…but nope, she was entranced. Go figure. 🙂

Anyway, cute play, I recommend checking it out. Tickets aren’t expensive ($10-12) and it seems like a great first-time exposure to theater for kids.  I just checked the website and it looks like they have performance of this play through May 28, so there’s still time to catch it this week. Check it out!

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