The Discovery Center‘s new 40yr lease will be voted on tomorrow at City Hall during the City Council open session….sometime between 9 and 10am…and we would like a lot of grownups and kiddos there to hoot and holler and give loud thunderous applause when the vote is APPROVED!! (Assuming all goes well, of course.)  That way the City can be encouraged that they are doing the RIGHT THING by allowing us to continue to rent the 6acres of city park that The Discovery Center occupies.

And because of this final happy ending of a VERY LONG drawn out story that I won’t go into…As a result of this vote tomorrow to allow TDC to continue to occupy Reedy Park, TDC is finally going to be able to REBUILD ITS MUSEUM!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!

So please arrive at City Hall with as many people (children included!) as you can gather…tomorrow (Thursday June 16) at 9am and if you would like to hold up signs saying things like “We HEART The Discovery Center” or something similar, that would be great!

The Discovery Center is a very important local organization for the children of the Fresno area and I hope lots of people will come out to show their support for its continued existence and future contributions to the hands-on science and nature education of so many local children!

Tina Smith
The Discovery Center Boardmember
Webmama of

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