I’ve decided, after thinking for awhile about how there really should be a central events calendar for Fresno, that I may as well go and create one. The Central CA Parent Magazine is a FABULOUS resource and has their calendar online as well as in print, which is very handy (and I HIGHLY recommend always posting your events in this wonderful local resource!), but there seem to still be a fair amount of people that just don’t put their events on there. (Not sure why) It makes me wonder if they had an easier, self-serve way to add their events to a central online calendar whether they’d be likely to use it. We’ll see.

I need to first figure out how exactly this is going to work…so bear with me while I find just the right plugin to use here. Until then…please email me your events that you’d like publicized to my readers. Check out my advertising page for the specifics, but suffice it to say that FresnoFamily.com, after 11+yrs of being in existence, has quite a following! I’m now getting over 600 views daily, so posting your events here is a great way to get it in front of more local eyes.

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