My kids were heartbroken. We went shopping this weekend and found the Professor Toy location in Clovis (the one that was near Toys R Us) GONE! My husband and I were sad. We LOVED that store! The variety of quality, educational toys was unsurpassed by any other local toy store (which would only be Toys R Us, or local department stores like Target & Walmart’s toy sections, since there are no other toy stores locally that *I* know of!)  During Christmas time when Toys R Us was an absolute madhouse, Professor Toy was still a wonderfully relaxing and friendly place to shop! I even posted about it on FresnoFamily’s Facebook page the day before Christmas last year..they had toys that Toys R Us had run out of! And for good prices! AND THEY DID FREE WRAPPING!!!

Was it really gone??? Sooooo sad!

But….JOY OF JOYS! I just this moment opened up the July issue of Central CA Parent Mag and what did I see??? An ad telling me that Professor Toy has a NEW STORE!!! Its now located in the Villagio shopping center near Nordstrom Rack! (That’s River Park!) That’s even a little closer to us! They’re NOT GONE!!!  My kids and I are doing the happy dance of joy!

So here’s what I want y’all to do: GET THEE OVER TO PROFESSOR TOY and support them by buying something! Because, seriously, our family cannot go through the stress of thinking they closed again!!

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