Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Another important thing to note is that doctors decide for themselves what is and isn’t a worthwhile risk…and this is based hugely on their malpractice insurance. And I can’t really fault them on this…they are looking at the big picture for themselves, and if people in our culture weren’t so quick to sue if things don’t turn out exactly the way they envisioned it, we might have a very different medical community. Unfortunately, malpractice suits happen all the time, and because of this, the insurance companies that sell the malpractice insurance have a lot of control over what is and isn’t an “acceptable risk”…this trickles down to the doctor, which in turn trickles down to us. For example… When I was in search of a local doctor that would give me the chance to do a VBAC…I heard time and time again “No, we don’t do VBACs, our malpractice insurance won’t cover the risk.” And I even was told by some of those doctors/midwives that they agree with me, that they know the research and know that VBAC is safe, but their hands are tied. So basically, the insurance companies, who are not medical professionals, have decided that VBACs are not worth the risk, and yet c-sections, which are not only a significantly higher risk to both mothers and babies, but also MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE for insurance companies, are worth the risk? Who decides which risks are acceptable and which are not? The insurance companies and doctors, not us. And who’s body is it? And who’s child is it? These judgements are made by people other than us, the parents and the recipiant of the risks, all the time…Its all so backward and twisted, it makes me angry to think about it.

So, my point with all this? Don’t let anyone tell you that VBAC is unsafe! Do your research and find out for yourself what is true and what’s not…YOU decide for YOU AND YOUR BABY what is and isn’t an “acceptable risk”!! Don’t let insurance companies and doctors make the decisions for you! And demand the kind of birth that both you and your baby deserve! C-sections are NOT “safe”, despite how many are done…and vaginal birth is, barring any actual emergency, always safer.

Of course I’m not suggesting that ALL c-sections are unnecessary…there are times when c-sections DO save babies and mommies…and thank heavens for medical progress in those cases! But the numbers do not support that all c-sections that are performed these days are necessary. It is not possible that in only a matter of a few generations that human mother’s bodies have forgotten how to give birth.

Trust you body, trust your baby, trust yourself…and DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

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  1. hey there, i was wondering if you know of any doctors in fresno that allow for vbacs?? i’m looking for one and would love any direction you could give!

    1. Hi just wanted to see if u had your vback ..please give me the info where did u get it done ..and did it work for you ..

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