Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

*Written by the Webmama during her 3rd pregnancy*

My first birth was what I strongly feel was an unnecessary c-section. That’s a long, traumatic story that I won’t go into now…But, necessary or not, I’m now faced with the dilemma of mountains of local opposition to my desire to have my subsequent births be vaginal. The biggest problem is how hard it is to find a local doctor that will even consider doing a VBAC! Just the way they say they will give you a “trial of labor” (oh how nice of them! *sarcasm*) seems to me to set you up for failure. This is an issue that became a passion of mine, during my third pregnancy (my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, 2nd in c-section) and I was adamant about NOT having another c-section, barring any real emergency.

I have literally spent HOURS and HOURS pouring over websites, magazines, books, and egroups, reading all I can get my hands on about VBAC (pronounced “vee-back”). Now granted, I am no expert, and I am NOT a medical professional…so take my views as you will, but NOT as expert opinion…I am an educated woman who does her research on issues that relate to me and my situation…as we all should. So please do your own research and learn things for your own situation. This is just what I’ve learned and wanted to share.

What I’ve learned has made me stronger than ever in my desire to have a vaginal birth from here on out: VBAC is statistically safer, all risks taken into consideration, than a repeat c-section (which is MAJOR abdominal surgery!!), for both mom and baby. But this is not the information that pregnant women receive. What’s infuriating is that despite evidence that supports how safe VBACs are (barring no complications), women who want to have a VBAC have to fight like hell to get one! Part of the reason is that a VERY FLAWED study came out a couple years ago that the doctors and insurance companies have decided says that a repeat c-section is safer than a VBAC….But here’s a discussion on that research, called “Is vaginal birth after cesarean risky?” that suggest otherwise.

Here’s a very interesting quote from the above article that points out some of the problems with the conclusions that are being made of this flawed study:

“In point of fact, this study had nothing to say about the merits of planned cesarean versus VBAC because it only considered uterine rupture. And while VBAC women have a slightly greater risk of this, cesarean section introduces a host of other complications that occur much less often with vaginal birth.”

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  1. hey there, i was wondering if you know of any doctors in fresno that allow for vbacs?? i’m looking for one and would love any direction you could give!

    1. Hi just wanted to see if u had your vback ..please give me the info where did u get it done ..and did it work for you ..

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