My husband Adam & I, 5mo pregnant with our oldest child

Whether you’re trying to conceive, or pregnant with your first or your sixth, this is both an exhausting and exciting time! First let me tell you CONGRATS! (on either your decision to get pregnant or your current pregnancy.)

Please use the pages within this section to educate yourself on what is, in my mind, the single most important and life-changing thing that you will ever do…become a parent. Jump to page list    Jump to links

There are many many options out there for pregnancy and birth these days, so my biggest advice to you is EDUCATE YOURSELF!! It’s unwise to go blindly into such an important circumstance without first learning all your options…especially in this day and age when so much free info is available right at your fingertips online!

Sure there are people who do not learn a thing about what they’re getting themselves into and things turn out just fine, but there are also many people who have things happen that they could’ve avoided and so why risk it? Educating yourself and your partner is such an easy thing to do, as long as you can read…and if you’re reading this now, obviously you are capable of that. 🙂

So take a little time out of your busy life every day to learn a little more about this new life you have or will have growing in you and what you can do to help create the healthiest and happiest beginning for your little one’s (and your new family’s) life.

**And in our c-section-happy culture, you really need to read this study before you consent to a c-section. Print it out and take it to your doctor! A quote from this study:

“Delivery by caesarean section in the first pregnancy could increase the risk of unexplained stillbirth in the second. In women with one previous caesarean delivery, the risk of unexplained antepartum stillbirth at or after 39 weeks’ gestation is about double the risk of stillbirth or neonatal death from intrapartum uterine rupture.

Let’s put this in perspective…If you have had a c-section, and have attempted to have a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean), you know how hard it is to get local doctors to agree to let you VBAC. VERY HARD. Nearly all local doctors (with only a very few exceptions) will simply not do VBACs because, they say, of the risk of uterine rupture. (This is a whole other topic of debate, because my research has shown that VBACs are very safe compared to the standard procedures out there these days, but I digress…) Interesting, don’t you think, that it is hard to get a doctor to do a VBAC, something that has HALF the risk, but yet they will do a c-section for ridiculous reasons with no thought at all to the possibility of a future stillbirth? This is why you must educate yourself.

Doctors are not evil, I do not for a second believe that…but they do come at birth from a different perspective than the parents and you need to advocate for yourself and your babies.

I share all this with you because I am one of those statistics…I had an unexplained stillbirth after a previous c-section. Fullterm. When I learned of this study I was LIVID. No one told me this…if I had known that my chances of stillbirth went up so significantly I would NEVER have consented to a c-section! My first c-section was unnecessary…due to “failure to progress”, which really is “failure to be patient.”  Just keep all this information in mind and be educated, mamas!


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There is a mountain of free information available at your fingertips online! As with the books, not all is good…below you’ll find my favorite sites for excellent pregnancy and birth info…

Childbirth Resource Network
Local organization. From their site: “We are here to encourage parents to honor pregnancy as a natural normal event and to recognize the importance of the mothers physical, mental, and emotional well being along with a safe birthing environment and a strong support system.

Spend some time here and explore your options. We have provided many links for you to explore, combining age-old wisdom with evidenced based care. We recommend you consider all birth place options, recognizing that birth experiences are enhanced in home, birth center, or hospital settings that support parents birth plans detailing their informed choices for labor birthing and the postpartum period.”

Spinning Babies
Discovered this site with my 3rd pregnancy, after learning my baby was posterior (which was one of the causes of my daughter’s cesarean, so I really want to avoid it happening again, if I can. GREAT SITE! I learned so much about how my posture affects the baby’s position and things to do to adjust this. I especially love the baby mapping page where you can learn how to figure out what position your baby is in. VERY useful info!! All pregnant moms should check this site out as proper positioning of the baby can lead to faster labors/deliveries and less chance of c-section.

BirthloveThe Living Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenting Resource
This is probably the BEST and most complete pregnancy/childbirth site that exists on the web. Leilah McCracken, owner of Birthlove, posts on one of the egroups I’m a member of, and is a very wise and VERY educated woman!

Birth Matters
The owner of this site, Gretchen Humphries, is also a member of the same egroup that Leilah McCracken (Birthlove) posts on, and is also another very wise, educated woman. Gretchen has a lot of really fantastic articles on her site…check it out!

Birthing the Easy Way
Yet another great resource from a friend on the same egroup mentioned above…This site stems around the book by the same name, which I highly recommend…but there are all kinds of great things on this site to explore and read as well. Check it out! More good stuff!

Midwifery Today: Pregnancy, Birth, Homebirth and Midwife Information
This is the site of the Midwifery Today Magazine/Journal…its packed full of great, informative articles and info!

Great resource for info on gentle birth choices!

Birthing the Future
Fantastic quote from this site: “If we want to create a less violent world, we must begin with birth.” This is Suzanne Arms’ site, author of the “Immaculate Deception” books (there’s 2).

Online Articles

I highly recommend these fantastic articles, on pregnancy and birth related topics…

You Should Be Grateful“–A fantastic response to a ridiculous and hurtful response many woman traumatized by c-section hear.

Caesarean section and risk of unexplained stillbirth in subsequent pregnancy–Before you consent to a c-section, you HAVE to read this study & take it to your doctor!

Technology in Birth: First, Do No Harm by Marsden Wagner
Really eye-opening article about technology and birth. I HIGHLY recommend all pregnant mothers and families read this!

Fish Can’t See Water–The Need to Humanize Birth in Australia by Marsden Wagner
This is about birth in Australia, but birth in America is nearly identical, so its definitely relevant. Fantastic, eye-opening piece about how the medicalization of birth has just gotten so out of control and is not a good thing.

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