Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering has come a long way since our mother’s & grandmother’s days. There are so many options available now that it can make your head spin! Let me try to simplify things for those of you who are looking into the sometimes overwhelming world of cloth diapering.

The biggest reason why I decided to cloth diaper was the cost. We were forking out entirely too much every other week or so on disposables. Even though it does cost quite a bit to get a supply of diapers in the beginning (anywhere from a $200-$500, depending on how much you buy and where you buy them), it saves you SO much money in the long run, especially if you have more children. Disposables seem cheap, but check out these cost comparisons:

In the long run, you save a LOT by doing cloth!

The second reason I decided to do cloth was the environmental reasons. I know that disposables are bad for our environment and figured it was one small way I could personally do something to help the Earth and set a good example for my children. Plus, I had read a lot that told me about all the toxins in cloth diapers that are potentially harmful. For some eye-opening info on the risks and environmental factors of disposable diapers, check out this article: Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

Now, you’re probably thinking about the hassle of washing all those poopy diapers, right? Actually, I didn’t really find it to be all that much of a hassle. I had about 2 dozen diapers and only had to wash diapers about every 3 days or so (for an older baby/toddler…for newborns you’re washing everyday but its a short period of time like this). I never noticed a significant change in our electric bill, and since I didn’t do a wet pail, I didn’t have a gross, heavy bucket of poops to lug to the laundry room every few days. There are lots of different ways to do cloth, and just doing a search online for “cloth diapering” will bring you TONS of sites with all kinds of info. When I was researching this topic for myself, I read as much as I could and just tried the methods that sounded good to me. I knew I didn’t want to have to deal with a bucket of messy poopy water soaked diapers, and the dunking in the toilet method I only did once and learned I HATED that idea! So I went with the dry pail that I had read so many moms do. Now I did have to get any solid poops out of her diaper before putting the poopy diaper in my poopy pail (I had 2 diaper pails, one for poop, one for pee), and that sometimes could be gross…but ya gotta deal with poop no matter how you do diapers, that’s just being a mom!

Anyway, here’s some info on the ins & outs of cloth diaper washing.

There are many options in diapers out there…just to simplify a little, here’s the different kinds available:


  • fitted (elastic around legs and waist, w/snaps, velcro or applix, needs cover)
  • flat (needs cover & sometimes pins)
  • all-in-one (no cover needed, fitted with elastic around waist/legs & snap, velcro or aplix closures)


  • velcro
  • aplix
  • snap
  • pull-on

And there’s lots of accessories to use with cloth diapers as well.

Cloth diapers also come in sizes like newborn / small / medium / large, and one-size, which has a bunch of snaps to fit infants from newborn through 30lbs or so.

I had a variety of all the above, since they all had their uses at different times. The all-in-ones (aios) were especially useful when out and about town, and fit nicely in diaper bags.

PUL (poly urethane laminate) Covers only need to be washed maybe weekly, or if they get poop on them. Otherwise, just rinse under running water and hang dry to use again. You can put them in the drier but it shortens their life span, as it does for diapers too. I did it anyway though because I hate having to hang all those diapers and covers…very time and space consuming!

My suggestion for buying diapers is to buy them used at one of the many used diaper sites and auctions out there. Just google “used cloth diapers” and you’ll find a lot of choices.


Here’s some popular brands of factory made (vs. WAHM-made) diapers/covers I’ve personally used:

  • Mother-ease (These were my favorite of the manufactured dipes I’ve tried.)
  • Bummis
  • Bumkins
  • Kushies

Nowadays I’m sure there’s many more brands that are more popular, but this is a good start.

You can buy all but Motherease diapers on just about any cloth diaper website, since they sell them to online stores. But there’s also a lot of WAHM’s (work at home moms) that also make & sell their own diapers…Many of which are even better and way cuter than the manufactured kind! There’s HUNDREDS of sites on the net that sell cloth diapers, so just start surfin!

To go along with your cloth diapers, you’ll want cloth wipes (and believe me, you’ll never go back to disposable after you use these! They grab poop way better and they smell wonderful!) You can use baby washcloths, regular washcloths, or do what I did and cut up old receiving blankets & stitch around the edges so they don’t fray. Then you can use a wipes recipe, such as:

Or just use plain water. Either wet the wipes ahead of time and store in an old disposable wipe box or just keep a squirt bottle of water on hand to spray them fresh each time. This is the route I ended up having to take due to my children’s allergies to any solutions I put together. But water works just fine.

What I suggest is do your own research…read all you can, and then just buy a dozen or so diapers, preferably of a variety of different styles and brands…and just see what you like! Not every baby nor every mommy like the same kind of diapers.

And check out these other sites for cd resources:

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  1. I have launched my website.. Information on services and products can be found at

    Melissa Harman

    1. That’s wonderful, Melissa! I think I also received an email from you…I’m still trying to get caught up on my overflowing inbox…if you can, send me another email with all the info that I can put up on my website. I’d like to help support this sort of business! My kids are long since out of diapers, but cloth diapering was a big part of our lives once upon a time, and I’d like to help others find info on it still.

      1. Thank you Tina. I truly appreciate all the support and look forward to my opening event at Big Hat Days in April.

        My Social media sites:





        Current Special Offers: Cloth Diaper Current Offers: (Ordering opens 2/1/14)
        10% off for Military Familes (Active, Guard, or Reserve)– Valid with Military ID
        10% off for families with more than one child in diapers

        Laundering Service Current Offer (Service opens 4/15/14)
        Established clients will recieve a free week of laundering services ($25 value) for every referrel that completes a purchase of $100 order. No limit–example 48 referrels that complete a min order of $100 will equal 1 year of FREE Laundering Services for your cloth diaper stash. (Include a choice of the Bi-Weekly or Self Drop Off/Pick Up Laundering Service ($1,200 value, Up to 3 stripping services for cloth diaper stash $60 value)

        I will be launching a Kickstarter project in February as well. Trying to increase the pay it forward lifestyle! 🙂

  2. I am opening a cloth diapering service in Jan 2014. Cloth diapers will be made by myself and can save new parents up to 50 percent using my diapers vs name brand cloth diapers.
    Melissa Harman
    Country Baby Diaper Service

  3. Lot’s of good information. Do you know of any cloth diaper laundering services in the Fresno area? I am a graduate student at Fresno Pacific and also a father of three girls. I am currently conducting research on the cloth diaper laundering services and the market potential of starting one in the area. Any ideas, recommendations, comments would be appreciated.


    Omar Ruiz

    1. Fresno is in dire need of a diaper service. I used a diaper service for both of my two older children when I lived in So. Cal. and we were extremely pleased with the entire arrangement. I am currently expecting twins and am rather disappointed to find no diaper service here in Fresno. Ripon has diaper service coverage from a Sacramento company. I believe there is a company in Bakersfield that will deliver as far North as Tulare but the tushes of Fresno are just plain out of luck!

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