Attachment Parenting

**Let me first say that you DON’T have to be “AP” to enjoy Fresno Family! If you don’t agree with this style of parenting, simply disregard these pages and go back to enjoying the rest of the site.**

If you know nothing about attachment parenting, please refer to all the pages below this one under “attachment parenting” in the main menu.

But before you do, please understand that not everything listed here is essential to attachment parenting. I have tried to include a very wide selection of topics that are typical amongst those of us who follow the style of parenting often called “attachment parenting” or “natural parenting” or “empathic parenting.” All of these terms are fairly new, in their current use…however the method of parenting is ancient. Many of you may find that you have been an AP parent for years and just didn’t realize there was a name for it. Many of you may find that there are a few of the practices here that you follow or agree with, and others you do not. Some of you will disagree with this style of parenting…Please take whatever is of interest and/or value to you and leave the rest.

No one here is trying to force beliefs on anyone else. Unfortunately, it is true that many AP parents find themselves in a bitter struggle daily with those who disagree with their methods. And for those AP parents, specifically local to our area…I wanted to create an online home where you may meet and connect with other parents who are raising their children in a similar manner…often seen as against the mainstream. Hopefully you will find the support you need to happily continue doing what you feel is best for you children.

One last thing…Let me make it very clear that if you are what has become known as a “Babywise” parent (follow the teachings of Gary Ezzo, author of “On Becoming Babywise.”) you will probably find nothing or very little you agree with on the “Attachment Parenting” pages. “Babywise” and “attachment parenting” are basically polar opposites…even so much that Mr. Ezzo has made it a point to blatantly bash the AP way in his books…But to be fair, AP parents usually shudder at the mention of Ezzo…so it’s a mutual feeling. If you are interested in learning more about Ezzo, please check out my Ezzo Page…

“In the early years, the baby has an intense need to be with his/her mother which is as basic as his/her need for food.”

(La Leche League International, Oct 79)


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  1. Hi, I’m interested in your attatchment patenting classes/activities. My son is 7 weeks old and we already have been using attachment patenting with him. We don’t believe that he should cry things out. He is always held when he wants to be. I eve.n do my chores around the house and shopping with him strapped to me. We also practice the family bed routine which I find to be very helpful for him. Please let me know about any activities or information that you may have.

    Mina Mazzoni

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