I just added a “Beat the Heat” page to Fresno Family… I’m finding that its very hard to figure out what to do in the heat of summer…the heat tends to melt my brain, so in the “heat” of the moment, I am unable to think of what sort of things might be fun for my kiddos…so compiling this list ahead of time, when I’m able to think clearly…and add to it as I think of more (or suggestions come in from you!!) should hopefully help come up with quite a good list of things to do in our area. Or help us see how pathetic it is that our area is so short of things to do for our children in the summer heat…which might spur someone, or multiple someones, to DO SOMETHING about that!

If you know of anything I missed, just leave it as a comment here (you may have to click on the title of this entry to take you to the actual blog to get to the comment feature.)

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