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I’ve been taking my 3.5yr old and its really an AWESOME class! I HIGHLY recommend Jill and her classes!! She’s just the best, and the program is amazing!

Her registration is low now, so I hope that more people will come join us so that we can keep it going!

Its SOOO fun!! Great for little ones! The kids are usually about age 1-4yrs or so. My son was the oldest in the last session…he’s going to be 4 this summer. But he loves the classes and sings the songs constantly! Its really a fantastic experience! And you get the songbook and 2 copies of the cd (one for home, one for car) to learn the music at home…even my 8yr old is constantly asking to listen to our cd in our car! She loves the music!!

During the classes the parents do most of the singing because most of the kids are too young (or too shy) to sing…but they do join in where they can…and there’s LOTS of dancing and playing with instruments and other props.

Last session we regularly did some greek dancing, playing assorted percussion instruments along to a song (my son usually picked a drum), danced with bells and scarves (separate songs), played rhythm sticks to songs, rolled balls to music, tiptoed, wiggled, slid, danced, spun around, bounced and more to all sorts of music, including one of my favorites, a Greek dance! We even got to play shaker eggs to an African song! SO fun!! There is a great variety of the music and the light in the children’s eyes as they listened and danced/played along, was just so precious!!

I can say enough how high quality a class this is! I hope more of you will consider checking it out…it really is money well spent!

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