Move it, Dig it, Do it!!

Man! Fresno needs something like this!! Can you imagine how fun this could be?

Here’s one family’s blog entry (with pics!) about their day at this annual event put on by the Iowa Children’s Museum (This is the blog I found out about this event from!). Here’s another family’s blog entry about the day. And another.

I could totally see myself putting together something like this…but goodness knows I already have enough projects I’m working on…Anyone else want to take this on?

Come on! You know you want to! 🙂 Think how fun and COOL this would be!!!!

Someone organize this, please!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Move It, Dig It, Do It is alot of fun. My hubby works for a company that brings their equpiment to this each year. He volunteers to show kids the equipment and put on tattoos.

    Yes, that is my daughter. She won the tractor pull that year for her age group. She is also featured on the ICM poster for Move It, Dig It, Do It and has been in the paper promoting it. Every year the photographers seek her out…lol.

    I hope you can find something similar to this in your area.

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