Notice anything different about today? It’s not a huge difference, but you may notice that I’ve taken out the left sidebar menu and added a second horizontal navigation bar to place that info in instead… (and moved around some of the sidebar widgets…those blocks of info on the sidebars.)

I am wanting to eliminate the second sidebar entirely (more work on that today…not done yet!–[UPDATE: DONE NOW!]) and I thought it might be easier to not have to scroll down so far to see all the pages. So I put them in the nav bar and now you can see all the main categories of info, and if you hover over them with your mouse, the subpages will slide out. Any pages with subpages will now do this. Play around with it and discover some new pages you haven’t seen before!

Also…the extra search box is a glitch I’ve run into with the duplicate nav bar. Getting some info from tech support today (hopefully) as to how to get rid of the duplicate. So just ignore it, it’ll be gone soon. 🙂  [UPDATE: It’s gone now! Thanks to the marvelous tech support help I got from Bud at !!]

If all goes well, I’ll be making more time today to fiddle some more with the look of FresnoFamily…nothing hugely different, just small improvements. I already have an idea to widen the remaining sidebar (once I eliminate the extra one), to allow a video spot. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m having fun fiddling with improvements! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see here!

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