Mission Christmas

I received the message below from Katie Blanton of Movin’ Mamas, and decided that I really wanted to help out with the family she adopted for Christmas this year! Please read the message below and contact Katie if you’d like to help.
Let’s help give this family a very Merry Christmas!!


Mission Christmas

It’s that time of year when families come together, children await the arrival of Santa, and the adults shop, eat, decorate, and try to make this a festive time of year. However, there are families and children that need help!

Christmas is a time to give, even when giving is hard to do. I am asking for each and every one of you to challenge yourself and your family, and help a family in need this Christmas.

Mission Christmas was started by The Well Community Church 5 years ago! This year their goal is help 40 families. I have taken on a family of 8 and am asking for help from other families. In exchange for any item I am offering 1 free Stroller Stride Class, or 1 free personal training session for every 10 items donated! (If you bring 8 items you will receive 8 stroller strides classes..you can give these away or keep them for yourself! If you bring 20 items you can receive 2 Personal Training sessions!) This is simply a thank you!

Here is some of the family information!

There is a mom and 7 children. There are 5 boys ages 2,3,8,9,11 and 2 girls age 15.

We will be putting together boxes for each child and mom. Please look over the list and pick out the items you feel you can donate.

Thank you in Advance for helping out a family that is in need. Get your kids involved! Show them what a gift they can be to another person.

Katie Blanton
Movin’ Mamas


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