This page is to help local parents find the support and socializing that we all need! Some are social groups only, while others are information groups. Check below for a group that interests you…There’s enough out there for there to be a group for everyone!

Please contact me if you have a group to add to the list. Make sure to include contact info as well as a brief description of the group.


Babywearing Meetups – twice a month free meetups with Center for Babywearing Studies Graduate and trained babywearing educator. Events listed on the Koala Cuddles Facebook Page.

Breastfeeding Support Group – with Tess Johnson Lactation Services. Monthly Mom to Mom Breastfeeding Support Group.
There is no charge for attending Tess’s support group meetings. Bring your baby with you, and enjoy the warm, encouraging atmosphere while receiving support and information about breastfeeding.

Central Valley Cloth Diapering Moms – This page was created as a local resource for FAQ’s, B/S/T, and just an open forum to share your experiences with Cloth Diapering.

Central Valley Mom Tribe -We are “more than just a mom’s group”– this is a place to call home and find a tribe of your own because we all know it takes a village. Playdates, Weekly Activities, Mom’s Nights In/Out, Support, Advice, Encouragement, Prayer, Resources, and Friendship.

Central Valley Natural Birth Mamas – This is a group for moms in the Central Valley who have had natural births or are seeking a natural birth. 

Clovis Moms In The Know – This is a group that is intended to inspire awesome conversation between women. You do not have to be a mom or even live in Clovis to be a member of this group, but the content of this group is intended to benefit all women living in or near Clovis, CA.

Fresno Mommy Talk – A place where mothers can come together and share our lives! Please feel free to post comments, thoughts, or questions!

Fresno Moms Support & Playgroup – We offer support, friendship, and fun for moms. Kiddos of all ages are welcomed! We have weekly events to suit the needs of all our members. We are always looking for active new members! Visit their Facebook group.

Fresno County Multiples Club – Support for parents of multiples through the exchange of information, ideas, and experience from pregnancy to childhood.

La Leche League of Fresno County – La Leche League’s monthly meetings provide an opportunity to talk with other mothers about the special joys and challenges of parenting through breastfeeding. A continuing series of informal discussion meetings are offered and are open to all women interested in breastfeeding. Children are welcome. Visit their website or call the Leader Referral Line 265-3301.

MOMS Club – We are MOMS Club, an international, non-profit organization offering support for mothers who stay home with their children, including those who have home-based businesses and those who work part-time.  It is a wonderful way for you to meet other at-home moms and a fun way for your child to meet other at-home children! We offer monthly meetings, casual get-togethers, outings for moms and children, family parties, playgroups, babysitting co-ops, activity groups, and service projects.
Visit their website

“MOPS” (Mothers Of Preschoolers) – This is an international Christian group of mothers who have preschoolers. Visit their website to find a group near you.

MOPS is a Christian support group for mothers. Their meetings have a fee to join, usually include a speaker on family-related subjects, discussion time, and a craft. Meetings are usually planned for every other week, and child care is available. Some meetings are in the evening so working mothers can attend.

Not Your “Average” Moms -Fresno – Let’s be real, not everyone lives behind a white picket fence, can carpool all the children to their extracurricular activities, work full time, cook a decent homemade dinner, and still have time for self-care. Some of us are single parents struggling with making ends meet, we’re step parents struggling with blending our families and quite honestly some of us do live behind that white picket fence but; the grass is dying and the pickets are falling. We are real moms. Real-life issues. Real-life questions along the way. We don’t water down how we live our lives, we make mistakes, cuss like sailors and at times drink a little too much to escape reality. We always feel like we can do it all but let’s be real help is needed. Support, friends, and community behind us with other similar stories. Our goal is to try to get together monthly, brainstorm ideas to make life easier, help each other out, network in our communities, support small businesses, and give back when/where we can. We want this to be a place of uplifting encouragement. 

Phemom–Christian moms group based in People’s Church. A gathering of remarkable young moms, coming together to explore a two-fold question: Who am I and who am I here for?


Other Local Areas

Visalia Area Mom Friends-For all moms in the Visalia area.
“I hope this group will help mom meet new friends. We all need someone to talk to and it’s good for our kids to meet others as well. Let’s make meet-ups and small gatherings happen!”

Visalia Moms Playgroup-This group is here to meet new people, develop much-needed friendships, and receive support during a time in our lives when it is needed the most: motherhood!



Special Needs

Able Advocates – To provide appropriate resources and support to parents and caregivers of children with special needs.
Facebook page.

Central Valley ASD Mamas Support Group – This group was created to provide moms of children on the Autism spectrum a safe place to give and receive support. Our hope is that people can come as they are and get whatever level of support they need from other moms. 

Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU) – Was Founded To Help Struggling Parents Become Exceptional Parents Of Their Exceptional Children. Our Mission Of EPU Children’s Center Is To Strengthen And Empower Children And Families Facing Extraordinary Medical, Developmental, And Parenting Challenges.
Facebook Page

Fresno Area Moms Like Us – This group is for moms in the Fresno and outlying areas that have children who are living with mental illness, developmental disorders, behavioral disorders, and other medical issues that require much more from you as a mother.

Fresno Autism Network FAN – Fresno Autism Network (F.A.N.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which was founded in 2011 by Stephanie Ramirez, mother of an autistic child. With the support of a small board devoted to raising autism awareness, and helping other families in the community, F.A.N. made it’s debute with an Autism Awareness Fun Run in October of 2011. This organization was established to provide supportive services for families and children affected by autism, and educating the community about autism. Visit their Facebook page.

The Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch – Heart of the Horse Therapy is committed to promoting therapeutic riding as an efficacious treatment modality for those who suffer from physical disabilities.

Warrior Moms – This group is “to simplify communicating with those of us who have children with special needs, lost children with special needs, or are friends/caretakers of children with special needs.”


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