Victoria West Park

Location is on the corner of Clinton & Brawley
7.03 acres

BBQ 10

Baseball/Softball 1
Play Structure 1
Football/Soccer 1
Parking Lot 1
Picnic Tables 12
Restrooms 1
Basketball Hoops 4
Other Information:
This park provides recreational programs and activities to meet the social, cultural and physical needs of the residents of the Central Unified School District and Northwest Fresno.There are also 2 hopscotch spots.  6 benches inside fenced play structure.  2 Infant Swings.  There is a sand funnel that is cool.  Wheelchair access.  1/2 sand & 1/2 rubber playing surface.  Shade is OK.  Structure best for ages 5-12.  Avoid evenings.

5 Replies to “Victoria West Park”

  1. Hello, I would like to reserve one ofnthe picnicc areas by the soccer field for my daughters birthday on saturday May 17, 2014. The birthday party would be small and include a bounce house. I can be eeached at 559 307 6191.

    1. Sorry Ashley, you are contacting the wrong person. I run this website, not all the activities on it. I am not affiliated in any way with the Fresno Parks and Rec. You’ll have to contact them directly.

  2. I would like to do birthday party for my daughter on April 13th. It would be great for her, lots of open fields, a playground. If you can can call me at 559-276-7191.

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