Railroad Park

Location is on the corner of  Alluvial & Peach.

Play Structure 2
Parking Lot 0
Picnic Tables 9
Restrooms (portable) 1

Other Information:

Parks includes 2 Tot Lots, Picnic Shelter, BBQ, Softball Field, 2 Soccer Field, Basketball Courts and Parking Lot.

This park runs along the bike path that covers Fresno and Clovis.

This is one of our favorite parks!  Several unique items with the play area.

Lots of great bike paths! My daughter learned to ride her bike here. Great for skating too!

It is a newer park so the trees aren’t very big yet, so there’s not a lot of shade. Also no shade over the structures.

There are 2 play areas, one for the littler kids, one for older. There are the standard large structures with twirly and straight slides as well as lots of swings and a few climbing things like a very tall climbing wall with pole and a school bus jungle gym.

No sand here, only the pieces of rubber. Makes kids hands black when they play in it, and I’ve read its not actually healthy so I try to keep mine from digging in it (not that it always works.)

They have pretty nice bathrooms, though only one (VERY large…easily bring in bikes and strollers) stall per bathroom. There’s also covered and uncovered picnic areas.

There’s no parking lot but since the park is so large (HUGE!)  there is a lot of curbside parking. Its not normally a problem finding a spot somewhere along the curb, even on busy days (except maybe in the evening of July 4 when everyone goes there to watch the Buchanan high fireworks.)

This is one of the better parks in town, I think, for when the weather is nice. Not so great in the summer and so you won’t normally see anyone there when its hot.

Its normally very clean and a lot of fun for the kiddos.

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    1. I am not with the city. This is just a review of the city’s park. You need to talk to them about that. But as far as I know, you do have to reserve the covered areas if you want to ensure they are not taken. Otherwise it’s first come, first serve. But that’s just me as a citizen, sharing my knowledge of how the parks work…I’m not affiliated, and don’t take my word for it…you need to go talk to the city.

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