Quigley Park

Location is on Dakota, between Fruit & Palm
808 W Dakota
8.06 acres

Baseball/Softball 1
Play Structure 2
Football/Soccer 2
Parking Lot 2
Picnic Tables 3
Basketball Courts (hoops) 4
Learner Pool 1
Restrooms 1
Swings 4
Tennis Courts 2

Other Information:
This park is the most heavily used park facility in the Northwest Area of the City. A wide variety of City-sponsored recreational activities take place here in addition to heavy non-programmed recreation by surrounding residents. Quigley is a full-service center providing recreational programs and activities to meet the social, cultural and physical needs of the neighborhood.

There is a public library across the street. I would avoid evenings, days are fine. There is a combination of sand & rubber under play structures. The rubber is for wheelchair access.

The small structure is for 2-5 years old & the large structure is best for 5-12.

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