Oso de Oro Lake Park

5550 N. Forkner, Fresno (Neighborhood Park), 9.3 Acres (559) 456-3292
This park is located on Forkner between Bullard and Barstow Avenues

This is a great park! They have a whole lot there! And the best part is that during the hot months, they have running water to play in! Bring food for the ducks, lots of sunscreen (unfortunately there’s not enough shade…only over the seating areas, none over the equipment), sand toys, sack lunch, and a change of clothes in the hot months, if you don’t want wet kids later in your car! They only run the water on weekends, though…Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. These structures, even though mostly plastic, get HOT in the summer…go early, before the heat of the day or the kids won’t even be able to touch them.

On good weather days, though, this park can be PACKED! That seems to be the only bummer. Everyone seems to like to have their birthdays in their pavilions too, so there just always seems to be crowds there.

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