Lions Park

Location is Marks, between Shaw & Ashlan
4650 N. Marks, Fresno CA 93705
9.02 acres


Baseball/Softball 2
Play Structure 1
Football/Soccer 1
Parking Lot 2
Picnic Tables 6
Restrooms 2
Tennis Courts 1

Other Information:
This park is in Northwest Fresno next to Slater Elementary School and provides non-programmed and programmed recreation to area residents of the rapidly growing northwest area. The fields are used by youth baseball and soccer organizations. This park is also home to Lions Den Skate Park.

This park it well lit in the evenings. They have bark under the play structure. Shade is minimal by the structure, but large trees a bit away. This structure is geared toward ages 5-12. Some elements are more difficult for the younger children.
They have a big skate park. It is open from 8am-10pm. Very popular.

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  1. I need to know the number of someone I can speak to about my son’s trophy and pictures for soccer in 2017 the coach has not responded to me in over a month

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