Keith Tice Memorial Park

Location is on the corner of Cole & Millbrook
8695 N Millbrook
Across the Millbrook from Clovis High, just north of Teague.
5 acres

Play Structure 2
Parking Lot 1
Picnic Tables 6
Restrooms 1
Par/Fitness Course  
Other Information:
This neighborhood park is a Urban Growth Management Park constructed in the fast growing Woodward Park Community. The park offers an exercise/fitness par course and recreational enjoyment to the area residents.2 infants swings.  Sand under play structures.  Play structures are for 2-12 & 5-12 respectively.

This is one of our favorite parks in Fresno. We go here regularly. Its a small park, but has a lot to offer. Lots of shade, and in the late summer afternoons, the smaller climbing structure actually does have shade over it from the trees. The larger one does not get shade though. There are only 2 swings, and they are the baby kind, so older children cannot use them. 🙁  And there’s wood chips, not sand…but there is quite a lot of dirt/sandy sort of areas around some trees that the kiddos always seem to zone in on. The really great thing about this park, in my opinion, is the sidewalk track that goes all the way around the play area and field. And since there are no signs forbidding bikes, we always bring our trikes/bike/riding toys. Really fun! There’s a big open field for running and lots of trees for climbing and hanging out under. Also a bathroom, although its pretty yucky and doesn’t have soap, so bring your own. This one does get busy when school lets out sometimes, since there’s an elementary school next door and a high school across the street. Parking can be an issue because of the high school students parking in its small lot…but there’s a bunch of space on the side street that runs along the fields. Most of the week, though, this park tends to be pretty empty…which I find very nice.

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  1. Mr. Tice was my all-time favorite teacher. He made such a personal impression on me in tough times as a young student at Kastner and CWHS. He passed away after I had graduated and I was so saddened. I have no doubt his spirit continues to positively impact the many families and children who visit his park.

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