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Check here to see some ideas on family-friendly places to visit around California.
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Bay Area
Central Coast
Central CA
Southern CA
Northern CA
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Here’s an interesting link for roadside stops along Hwy 99 you should check out if you’re heading on a trip via 99!

Bay Area

San Jose


San Francisco

Santa Clara




Central Coast

From Fresno Local, Randal Moens:

“Hi!! I have a few suggestions when going to the Central Coast. There is a gift shop with a aquarium and place to feed the seals in Morro Bay by the Harbor. If one takes highway 41 from Morro Bay to Atascadero there are to places to stop. The first stop is a Avacado Farm with a little gift shop that sells fresh avacados. Very yummy!

Further down the road, closer to Atascadero, is a Pick Your Own Raspberry Farm. The man running the farm is very personal and will help each family member pick the finest raspberries around. His raspberry plants do not have thorns. Both of these events we go to everytime we visit the central coast. Before I forget, the Raspberry Farm is best visited in June. One other thing to see on the Central Coast is a Abalone Farm that is between Cayucos and Cambria. I called them up recently but tours are not given until June. I did not realize that such a farm existed there until recently. The Abalone Farm has their own web site. I do not know it but search Abalone Farm and you will find it. See Ya!!!

Here’s the abalone site!


Central CA


  • Casa De Fruta–Two miles east of the junction of Highway 152 and Highway 156, you’ll discover Casa de Fruta, a family tradition and home of the sweetest, freshest variety of fruit anywhere on earth.
    Playground, mini-train, petting zoo, etc…


Pacific Grove (near Monterey)

  • Monarch Grove Sanctuary
    View monarchs overwintering in clusters on trees, October-March
    Children’s Parade in October!


Southern CA

Palm Springs

Carlsbad (near San Diego)



San Diego

Los Angeles

Buena Park

Rosamond (north of LA)


Santa Ana

Santa Barbara

Angeles National Forest


Northern CA






Napa Valley



CA Vacation Links of Interest

Here’s a link you may want to check out for U-Pick Produce Farms all over California!


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