Local Breastfeeding Help

La Leche League of Fresno–http://lllfresno.org/

For a referral to a Leader call: 265-3301

I HIGHLY recommend getting involved in LLL near the end of your pregnancy and continue with them as the support is simply marvelous. Every nursing mom should be involved with this wonderful organization. The best breastfeeding support out there, in my mind.


Tess Johnson, RN, PHN, IBCLC

I am a registered nurse, public health nurse, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, as well as a wife and mom of three happy, healthy breastfed girls . My main objective is to encourage and empower the mothers and families of the Fresno/Clovis area to achieve your wellness goals by providing compassionate, family-centered lactation care in the comfort of your own home. I recognize that most mothers have at least a little anxiety related to breastfeeding, but I also know that a bit of skillful, gentle, and family-centered lactation support can get you through it all. Having worked with thousands of mothers and babies in a hospital-based lactation department for over 17 years, I have seen amazing things happen when the right help arrives when needed. I will enthusiastically assist you to a peaceful and confident breastfeeding relationship with your baby. I also rent and sell Medela and Hygeia breast pumps and other breastfeeding supplies.

To learn more about my services, please see my website www.tjlactation.com or call me at (559)905-6635!

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  1. As an IBCLC, educator, and a mother to five beautiful children, and after years of working as a lactation counselor for a local area hospital which I enjoyed immensely, the need for quality breastfeeding care, once mother and baby were home was far too great. It was time to branch out on my own and thus Lactation Essentials was born. I am now free to better serve my clients no matter where they may be: in their home, at the hospital or another care facility.
    call/text me at 559-287-5150

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