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Fresno County’s Cooperation Needed
Supervisors Need to Hear From You!

This week, City of Fresno Planning Director, Nick Yovino, sent a letter to Bart Bohn, Fresno County’s Chief Administrative Officer, outlining the reasons the county should agree to allow the 10-acre aquarium property and the 79 acres surrounding it north of Herndon Avenue to become part of the city’s Sphere of Influence (SOI).

This agreement is necessary so the city can apply to LAFCo to receive approval for the aquarium to extend city water and sewer lines out to its property.

Until this extension receives LAFCo approval, the aquarium cannot obtain the permits necessary to continue preparation of the land for the future facility – not even a grading permit!

We need every Fresno County resident reading this to call, write or email their County Supervisor right away and tell them to direct Bart Bohn to write a letter agreeing to let the city expand its SOI to include the aquarium property and the property around the the aquarium. By including all 89 acres, the aquarium won’t be a “city island” and there will be a logical boundary (Herndon Avenue) between the city and county.

If you don’t know who your supervisor is, please go to the county’s web site:
County of Fresno – Board of Supervisors

Here’s my letter:

My name is Tina Smith and I live in your district. I am writing today to ask you to direct Bart Bohn to write a letter agreeing to let the city expand its SOI to include the aquarium property and the property around the the aquarium.

We’ve been waiting a VERY LONG TIME to see this aquarium come to fruition. Please help this along and help Fresno finally bring in a much needed fun, educational resource to our children. I’m disappointed and greatly dismayed on a regular basis by how few child related businesses make it in Fresno. All our favorites continue to go out of business on a regular basis…Nature’s Realm, a nature store…Discovery Zone, play place for kids…Zany Brainy, educational toys/games…Pegasus Books, an educational book store…Gymboree, play experiences for young children…Music Together, music experiences for the very young…and on and on and on…There are very few things for families with young children to go to in the Fresno area to bring our children for a fun and educational experience. We need this aquarium. BADLY. Please help.

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