Just saw this business posted…

Thought some of y’all might be interested in what she has to offer:

The Ohana Village

Looks like she offers swim classes, preschool prep, body movement, baby proofing….

If interested, contact HER via her website, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME. I do not run Ohana Village, I’m just sharing with y’all! (You wouldn’t believe how many emails and comments I get weekly of people who think I run every activity on this site! I’m just sharing the resources, people!!)  🙂

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  1. I’ve attended some of The Ohana Village preschool prep classes and they are amazing!! Teacher Stormy is kind, patient and wonderful with the kids. My daughters both LOVE her classes because she incorporates art, singing, yoga, storytime and a well thought out theme. We also love that she incorporates open play in a safe and educational environment. I will definitely be signing up for more classes.

  2. I highly recommend Stormy at The Ohana Village. She is such an amazing mom and teacher. She puts so much dedication, research and love behind everything she does.

  3. Give your son or daughter the best of the very best! I have known the owner (Stormy) for 10+ years now. We actually meet in college on the campus of Cal State University Long Beach. It was there that we were like 2 peas in a pod. The best part about Stormy is that from day one she was always accepting of me and my situation. You see, most other college aged kids were off doing well college age things. I/we were kinda different. I was a young mom and had young son. So many times Stormy and I would hang out at the beach playing and keeping my 6 year old busy. We many times found ourselves on the pool deck watching waterpolo games or just hanging out at the local kid friendly restaurants. No matter what we did we always had fun hanging with Stormy. To this day my now 17 year old son still asks about Stormy and when can we go visit her?

  4. Aloha! How awesome is this. Thank you so much for posting my program on the site. TheOhanaVillage.com is Led by a A teacher with a heart, helping children learn and thrive through cooperative play. In a child centered peaceful and playful atmosphere. very small class some. a great way for children to transition into a semi structured learning environment that is fun and safe. Led by a credentialed teacher in a licensed facility.

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