I’ve not been as active online lately because I started homeschooling my 5.5yr old daughter just recently. So I’ve had to cut down my computer time considerably to focus on her, her very active little brother (almost 14months now, and getting into EVERYTHING), and trying to get this house in order so we can have homeschooling, and life, run smoothly. But Fresno Family is not dead! There is still tons of info up here. (over 160 pages!)

If you email me and I don’t respond for awhile, now you know why. I do still check email fairly regularly…though not always every single day now. If you emailed me and didn’t hear back…please email again…It’s not that I’m ignoring you…It’s just sometimes hard to respond to everyone in the limited computer time I have. So I appreciate the reminder email to keep me on top of things. You’re not bugging me if you email me again to make sure I got your email…You’re helping me not lose your email in the mass of email I still get daily.

Remember I have 2 major websites…Fresno Family (this one) and Mommy Chats….so I’m dealing with emails regarding both and trying to help everyone that has questions…So sometimes people get lost in the shuffle. If you suspect your email may have gotten lost, just go ahead and email me again.

Thank you for understanding! And check out the FF Online Mall! Tell all the local businesses you frequent about it and let’s get more biz’s in there! 🙂

Published by WebmamaTina

I am the owner and only person that runs FresnoFamily.com. I created this site in 2001 for myself to fill a need, and it's continued to be useful to our community so I continue to develop and grow it! It is a labor of love. I am a homeschooling, work-at-home mama of 2 teens, living in Fresno with her goofy husband and 4 much-adored kitties, just trying to survive the heat in the summers and find things to do with our family that doesn't take too much of our very stretched pocketbook. And sharing info and ideas here with you. I also run several other online homeschooling businesses, including HomeschoolRealm.com and TinasLearningAdventures.com, and run the largest and most active local homeschool Facebook group, the Fresno Area Homeschoolers group, among other online groups.

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