If you’re sad about The Met…

You will probably want to know this bit of good news…

Remember The Discovery Center? The local nonprofit science center whose museum was destroyed by fire about 10 years ago?  (www.thediscoverycenter.net)

Well not only are they still in existence (programs have continued full swing even after the fire!)…but, if all goes as planned, 2010 will be the year that they finally get to rebuild that museum into something even better than existed on the property before!

So, for those of us that are sad that our city just lost Fresno’s only kids’ museum…this is great news that the same year we lost one, we will be getting a new one!

So what can you do, other than watch for the news on this project at www.thediscoverycenter.net, and spread the word? Those of you that are so inclined, you can become a member of The Discovery Center today, and help ensure that the children of the Central Valley get a (MUCH needed) new science museum!

And to sweeten the deal…members of The Met are being offered a free membership at The Discovery Center for the duration of their Met membership!!

And anyone that is even more inclined…you can contact The Discovery Center at 251-5533 or email office@thediscoverycenter.net and let them know that you’d like to do more than just become a member. That you’d like to be actively involved in this project…either through work that you can offer, or financial means, or whatever you are able to give. You can also join our “Discovery Force” egroup/mailing list…an auxiliary group of volunteers that are discussing how to make things happen at TDC, in a big way!

Because the families of the Fresno area know that our kids need this…With nearly 30% of our population being children 14 yrs and under (nearly 120,000 children, according to 2000 census stats), we NEED educational opportunities such as science centers and museums. If you are among the many that agree with this, please consider helping to make this happen by joining The Discovery Center today.

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