Click the “add listing” button in the menu bar:

Fill out the form… Let’s go section by section:

First, “Your Details”:

You’ll start with your name and email. This will only show if you are not logged into the site. If you are logged in, this section does not show.

This email field (under “Your Details”) is for your account, not for the listing.

Next, “Listing Details”:

Business Owner/Associate?
If you are the business owner, or otherwise in a position of authority for the business, check the box to mark the listing as claimed.

If you are NOT the business owner or in a position of authority for the business, but instead are just adding a business in order to simply add it to the directory and make sure that others know about it. LEAVE THE BOX UNCHECKED so that the owners can claim the listing, should they so choose.

Then choose the package you would like. All details on the packages are available at the link posted. Here is a clickable link.

Business Name and Contact Email:
Now enter the business name and the contact email address for visitors to to contact the business. This email will be used in the contact form that is accessed in the listing when visitors click the “send enquiry” button:

NOTE: This email address is a mandatory field. But if the business does not have a contact email (or you cannot find one), you may put to enable submission of this form. When I see this, I can turn off the “send enquiry” button for this listing.

This is where the “send enquiry” button on the published listing shows…and is where this email is used.

Address and City and “Set Address on Map” button:
Add the street address, choose the city in the dropdown menu and click the button to set the address on the map:

Now, if the business does not have a physical location, you may enter something like “mobile address” and just choose the county that they do business in from the drop-down menu.

Business Description:
For the free package, you may only enter up to 500 characters. For more, you must choose a paid package.

If you are limited to 500 characters (free package), you will want to keep this very brief and only give an overview of what the business offers. Here is a website that you can use to keep the character count under 500. Anything more and it will delete it when you save.

If you feel that you need more space to describe things more, or to include more information such as special programs, events, details that will not fit within 500 characters, there are paid package options that offer unlimited characters. With one of these options, you can regularly edit your listing to reflect changes in the business program throughout the year, highlight special things that might be going on, or just go into a lot more detail.


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