Tina’s Adventures FAQ


(This section could also be called: “What makes these field trips DIFFERENT??”)

Who are you and why are you doing this?
What is this thing called “Tina’s Adventures”?
Why do you charge a service fee & how do you make it worth it?
How do you decide where we are meeting for each trip and why don’t we just meet at the location?

Who are you and why are you doing this?
I am a Fresno homeschool mom of 2 with a lot of passion for and experience with organizing my own activities and events as well as activities and events for a variety of local groups.

I’ve spent over 15 years working with local parent groups (some of which I started myself) and local nonprofit organizations, leading and organizing everything from park and play dates, group field trips and birthday parties, mommy group egg hunts and new member teas to some of our local Discovery Center‘s public children’s events (“Spring EggFest” and “Move it, Dig it, Do it”, were my creations) and the Annual Fresno BabyFest (which ran 6 years!) with 300-1700 people in attendance!

I also spent many years teaching children of all ages (both before and after receiving my bachelor’s in child development) in a variety of programs…

  • From head teacher of the afternoon program at a preK full time (fresh out of college) 2 years…
  • to teaching 5th and 6th graders about science and nature topics in a hands-on environment at SCICON Outdoor School in Sequoia National Forest…
  • locally, teaching preK to middle school kids science topics at The Discovery Center for a few years…
  • to running my own “Mommy & Me” program out of my home for several years!
  • and oh so much more…

You can read my full online resume here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinamama

So basically…I love working with kids and families and I love organizing events and activities!! And I’m bringing this passion, and my experience, together once again, to fuel my constant drive to create fantastic experiences for our family and our local homeschool community!
And the extra side benefit for our family is the much needed extra income. 🙂


What is this thing called “Tina’s Adventures”?
“Tina’s Adventures” is the name I’m calling the branch of my home business I’m using to organize group field trips around the Central Valley and throughout California. (I also run Homeschool Realm, where I blog and sell online and digital learning resources for homeschoolers, and Fresno Family, where I share online parenting resources for families in the Central Valley.) Tina’s Adventures takes advantage of group rates and other group deals as well as my experience in organizing many trips and activities in the past and provides a high quality, fun, educational experience for the whole family, including mine!
And I do the work, so you don’t have to!


Why do you charge a service fee & what do I get for my money?
Simply put, this is a business. I used to organize field trips just for the fun of it, for years. And never got any monetary compensation…and I realize a lot of homeschool moms do just this. But I got to the point where my time was extremely valuable, and while I do still very much enjoy organizing these trips…I need to compensate for the tremendous amount of time and energy that I put into these things.

Plus, this whole thing started because our family simply cannot afford to take the kind of trips that I really would like to take my children on…and so I was seeking a way to make these things happen, when I stumbled upon the idea of charging a service fee per head of the trips I was already organizing. Found an online friend that used to do this and did quite well in the business, and the idea was born! An answer to my problem! A way to take my children on all these trips I’ve been wanting to take them! And maybe bring in some much needed extra money to our family.

As most of you are most likely single-income families, I’m sure you can relate. And if any of you have ever organized any field trips, I’m sure you can vouch for how much work goes into the planning of these things.

What do you get for your money?

  • A regular variety of high quality trips to choose from, that YOU don’t have to plan!
  • A fun, high quality field trip led by someone with many years training and experience working with groups of children in a variety of settings
  • A few fun, active group games prior to the trip, led by me each trip–to encourage your kids to interact with other kids on the trip, and get some energy out!
  • Many trips will also include (where possible): other educational activities such as interactive educational games and hand outs that will add to the trip’s learning experience.

Fees range from $2-5/head, depending on the work involved in each particular trip.

THANK YOU for helping to support a fellow homeschool family!



How do you decide where we are meeting for each trip and why don’t we just meet at the location?
Each trip I look at where we are going and how to get there…and I look for a public park along the route. I try to find one that is right along the route, or not far from it…so it would already be on the way for most if not all of us. 

I have us meet at a public park ahead of time instead of meeting at the location for 2 reasons…the main one being that I want to check everyone in, get name tags on, and do some ice breaker games to start getting everyone to know one another. I feel like knowing each other, even a little, will make for a much more enjoyable field trip for all. And if I wait until we get to the location to do these activities, I know the kids will be distracted by the location and not be focused on what I am wanting them to do: get to know one another. 

The second reason that I do this is that I think many people will find comfort (and joy!) in caravaning. Yes, most of us have GPS nowadays, but it can still be a bit overwhelming trying to locate a place on our own. I will make sure that I am familiar with where we need to go, and will lead the pack there. This will also ensure that we all get there at the same time, instead of all the late stragglers that usually happen on homeschool trips. 🙂