Local Homeschool Groups

Please contact me if you have an update on any of this information!

Local Homeschool Facebook Groups

559 Curriculum Sell, Buy, Trade. Fresno, Clovis:
This group serves Fresno, Clovis, and outlying cities.

Badass Unschoolers of the Central Valley
The group you’ll find here is united by a common desire to allow our children to follow their interests, trusting that they will therein learn what they need to know when they need to know it. Other common themes: attachment-based, peaceful parenting, partnership with our children, a desire to provide rich opportunities for play, and kids who are given a level of freedom that mainstreamers find surprising.

Central Valley Home School Curriculum, Buy Sell Trade:
Home school curriculum swap for the Central Valley of California.

Central Valley Inspire Families
For families enrolled with Inspire Charter or wanting to learn about Inspire. Now called Monarch River Academy and Yosemite Valley Charter.

Christian Homeschoolers of the Central Valley Facebook Group:
Group description: This group has been created to connect homeschooling families in the Central Valley areas: Madera/Oakhurst, Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, Hanford/Lemoore, Visalia, Tulare/ Porterville. This group is used to share:
-field trip ideas
-new and/or successful old curriculum ideas
-art/craft projects
-ask questions of seasoned homeschooling parents
-anything else that may be helpful which pertains to homeschooling

Fresno Area Homeschool Charters Facebook Group:
Sister group to the one above…secular (non-religious, NOT anti) …For local homeschool families to learn all about the homeschool charter options available to them in this area. Charter staff, as well as vendors, are welcome to join and share info about their programs and services and answer questions.

Fresno Area Homeschoolers Facebook Group:
A very active secular (non-religious, NOT anti) Facebook group created and moderated by me, webmama of FresnoFamily.com. This is the place to be if you’d like to be in contact with the Fresno area homeschool community as a whole. Great place to get to know what’s out there for us, ask questions of veteran homeschoolers, and to hear about gatherings and happenings and resources. This is a secular group in that no religious discussion is permitted…however, there are plenty of religious homeschoolers on this group. It is a group for everyone.

Fresno Area Secular Homeschoolers:
This group is for Fresno Area Homeschoolers that identify as secular homeschoolers…that is, they are families homeschooling their children without religion. Families in this group teach their children science such as evolution and climate change and believe that the way to get through the current global pandemic is to wear a mask and distance ourselves from others for the good of all.

Fresno-Clovis Homeschool Tribe:
The focus of this group is to be socially active with in-person activities, with Facebook a supplement to that. There was a need for a “real-life” support system and friendships for the kids amidst a primarily technology-driven world.

Fresno Homeschool Nature Explorers:
A group of homeschoolers who explore and learn about nature together. We meet weekly throughout the Fresno area. Activities include hiking, lessons, climbing trees, and exploring.

Homeschool Families in the Sierras
This group is for homeschool families (or those considering homeschooling) as a way to connect with others in the Sierras. It is not associated with any school, not religiously affiliated, though posts involving religion are allowed.

Homeschool Huddle:
Welcome to a safe place to share your home school questions and resources. Most of us are based out of Central California, but not all. Some of us are veterans and some are just starting the journey…or just thinking about it. As group member Sarah is fond of saying, “Learning happens all the time.” Feel free to share what’s working and what’s not in your home school experience. The more, the merrier!

Home-school Meet-Ups Fresno/Clovis:
The purpose of this page is a platform for sharing info about & connecting w/groups meeting up for their home-schoolers.

Homeschooling in the Central Valley:
This group is run by our local Discovery of Learning program director, Roekmini Pullom. This is a group for families who are homeschooling in the Central Valley, CA, or even just interested in finding out about homeschooling their children. We share articles, resources, field trips, park days, etc.

Homeschooling Older Kids in the Fresno Area:
A secular (non-religious, NOT anti) local group for parents homeschooling children ages 10 and older, in the Fresno Area of California. 

Monarch River Academy – Parents Only
This community is a CURRENTLY ENROLLED “MONARCH RIVER ACADEMY” FAMILIES ONLY resource to assist in connecting with other families, ask questions & gain insight in an unbiased, uninhibited platform. This community is for & run by CURRENTLY ENROLLED FAMILIES ONLY and NOT employees of Monarch River Academy Charter School.

Mountain Homeschoolers:
For homeschoolers that live in the Sierra foothills. Oakhurst, Auberry, Prather, Tollhouse, and Burrough Valley. From their description: “This is not a homeschool group. We do not have classes or credits. We do not file together. We like our privacy and autonomy. But we do need each other. Sometimes we need encouragement, sometimes advice. Sometimes we need an understanding nod or a sympathetic ear. Our kids need friends to play with when everyone else is in school. This is a place to network. To meet other local homeschoolers. To plan get-togethers. To get ideas, share inspiration, and encourage each other as we homeschool our precious youngsters.”

Visalia Homeschoolers:
A place for all types of homeschoolers in Visalia CA to connect, organize park days or field trips, and just to get support.

Yosemite Valley Charter School – Parents Only
This community is a CURRENTLY ENROLLED “Yosemite Valley Charter School” FAMILIES ONLY resource to assist in connecting with other families, ask questions & gain insight in an unbiased, uninhibited platform. This community is for & run by CURRENTLY ENROLLED FAMILIES ONLY and NOT employees of Yosemite Valley Charter School.

YVC & MRA Central Support for Admins, HSTs, and Families:
(YVC=Yosemite Valley Charter, MRA=Monarch River Academy)
This is intended to be a supportive and positive platform for families to engage directly with their school. We are here to answer your questions to address your concerns and support you all on this journey. 

Local Homeschool Co-ops

Synergy Co-op:
All-ages Enrichment co-op, parental participation required.
We are a cooperative group of parents and students in the greater Fresno area who hope to enrich and learn from each other, and share in the strengths and diversity of the home school community. We were founded in August 2014. We typically offer 2 courses each month and meet year-round on Wednesday mornings. This includes course time, as well as social and active time. All ages are welcome to attend!

Koininia Co-op:
Christian program. Annual affiliation fee for weekly classes. Some parent participation is required. They have a closed FB group for members.

Classical Conversations:
Classical Conversations’ programs model the three stages of classical learning— grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. This is a Christian program.

Firm Foundations Christian Coop:
Contact Becky Field (coordinator) for info: Firmfoundcoop@gmail.com


Local Christian Groups

Better Together:
Fresno area group of homeschool Christian families that keep updated by email. No required meetings, participate when you wish. Posts are as needed either for classes, field trips, urgent prayer requests, needs, and encouragement. If you would like to be added to the email list, please send an email and introduce yourself and family to: tanell.herbert@gmail.com

CHEFA (Christian Home Educators of Fresno Area) is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of providing information, training, and support to the Christian Home School Community of the greater Fresno area. CHEFA is a network of Christian home educating families who volunteer to organize local activities that encourage quality Christian home education in the Fresno area. Visit their website for more information.

New Covenant Community Church:
Support Group meets the first Tuesday of each month in room 107, and a park playdate the 3rd Friday of each month. Open to all homeschoolers.
For more info, contact Jacqueline mom@nerdfamily.com

Squaw Valley Christian Academy:
Small Christian homeschool group meeting in Squaw Valley. Support, shared duties for monthly meetings and field trips, private school affidavit, yearbook, and encouragement.
For info contact Cyndi at: cynchef@yahoo.com



  1. Thank you Tina for organizing such a wonderful resource list!!

  2. Hello, I am currently homeschooling my 9 year old grandson. I am looking for a group for park meet-ups or field trips in the Clovis area. I did find a mention of something online held at Bicentennial Park, but search as I might, I cannot find it again. If anyone knows of this group or any suggestions of another group, I would appreciate the info. Thank you.

    1. We haven’t had the Bicentennial Park days for years…if it’s the one from way back when…But there are park days being organized via the Fresno Area Homeschoolers group on Facebook. Come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/FresnoAreaHomeschoolers

  3. Hello!
    My husband and I are planning to return to Fresno. Our son is 9 and we just started homeschooling last year. We currently live in West Michigan and there is no shortage of homeschooling options, classes, oportunities and they even have a building with a book store here! Im looking to see what the resources are, if there are any groups to get involved with, extra curricular activities ect. Thanks!!!

    1. There’s tons of stuff…just depends on what you’re looking for!

  4. Hi,
    My son and I recently moved to the Fresno area. I am currently homeschooling him and was looking for available volunteer opportunities for him. Does anyone know of any organizations looking for teen volunteers in the Fresno/Clovis area.?

    1. Sorry, just saw this…None specifically, sorry, but https://www.handsoncentralcal.org/ would be a good place too ask!

  5. My wife and I are planning on moving back to the Fresno Clovis area. We need help finding a home school charter that will allow us to teach non common core etc. also is there charters that give extra $$$$ for classes at places such as Taekwondo art Lego engineering. We get credits to send our kids there. This would be helpful to find this information

    1. Currently the only local homeschool charter that provides funding to homeschoolers that I recommend is Inspire charter…but do keep in mind it does come with public school requirements like testing and standards and unless you sign up with a special program they don’t have on site classes. There are also other homeschool charters that provide their own on-site classes but do not provide direct funding. Check this page: http://fresnofamily.com/homeschooling/local-homeschool-options/ for all the local options.

  6. I am so discouraged with the normal school system for my special needs ADHD 10 year old son. Looking into homeschooling him for the upcoming school year but feel discouraged and overwhelmed in this. Any tips out there from homeschool families who do homeschool special needs children? Thanks – Shahna

    1. Come join us on the Fresno Area Homeschoolers Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FresnoAreaHomeschoolers/ I know there are quite a few families with special needs children on there. I’m sure they can give you support and advice.

      1. Hello , I am a first year mom to homeschooling. My little one is in kindergarten. I was having a hard time finding a group for her and decided to put one together. It’s completely free to join for the whole family and not only does it offer fun but as well as fun educational tours, playgroups, and much more for all ages. I was hoping I can be listed in your list of homeschooling support groups. Are website is https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/UnitedChristianHomeschoolingFamilies/info. I would love to share our fun homeschooling experience with all. Thank you so much for all your help and support.

  7. Any charlotte mason type homeschool groups in or around fresno? thanks.

    1. Oh, wow, I don’t know of any CM groups in this area, but I was searching for one too! That’s how I got to this site. I’ll try to remember to keep checking this page for a response. It’s nice to know there’s at least one other family interested in CM here too. 🙂

  8. I am trying to figure out if homeschooling my four year old is the best option, is there and advice or tips I could get on weather it is the best thing? I would like to hear your opinion on homeschooling vs. public school just having a hard tome deciding what to do with my daughter.

    1. A friend and I do a podcast called the Savvy Homeschool Moms: http://www.savvyhomeschoolmoms.com You may find that helpful in deciding.

  9. Tina Troglione representing "Valley Homeschool Educators" conference in Modesto, Ca.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am getting ready to mail out the VHE conference brochures. If your groups
    would like to receive them please give me your groups info and how many
    brochures you will need. If you are already on my list you will receive them
    provided address is still the same. If you need more or less brochures just let
    me know. Thank you, Thank you!

    WebmamaTina Troglione

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