I have learned many things and asked many questions over the years and continue to do so on my own homeschool journey. Some of the information that I’ve gathered may be of interest and use to some of you, so I offer it here for you. 🙂

Things to Buy

In 2007 I posted this to several online groups of veteran homeschoolers:

“We got a good chunk back from our taxes this year so we’ve allotted some towards our dd’s homeschooling…I’m looking into curriculum, but am leaning towards buying some learning materials/supplies (non-curriculum) that might be a good investment towards her home education. I’m looking for things that you’ve purchased and you can
vouch for their value, in your child learning much from them and being greatly interested in them…that sort of thing…or things that you would buy if you had the money. bigger ticket items, like $50 or more…things that you think would be or are very worth the money in helping in your children’s learning at home.”

I also asked for recommendations to invest in to keep my toddler busy while I do focused work with his sister.

Below is a list of the resources that I have compiled from the responses that I received:
(Each bullet is a response from a different parent.)

This was in answer to my question of “what curriculum do you use, if any?” on a number of online homeschool groups.

This was in answer to my question of “what homeschool magazines do you recommend, for me and also educational magazines for my child?” on a number of online homeschool groups.

For Homeschooling Parents:

Magazines for Children, Recommended by Homeschooling Parents:

First, check out this list here: http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/materials/Magazines4kids.htm

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