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Before I share all the great links around the web that I have below, I want to first share the resources that I, the webmama, personally have created for homeschoolers. I have been homeschooling my kids since the beginning. They’ve never not been homeschooled. Officially started “kindergarten” with my oldest the 2006/7 school year. Started kindergarten with my younger in 2010/11 school year. I just have the 2.

Here are my resources:

  • Homeschool Realm–This is my homeschool blog I created years ago to share my journey in homeschooling, as well as lots of great resources I find along the way…Lots of great books and links!
  • Savvy Homeschool Moms–This is a homeschool podcast I do with another local homeschool mom.

Fantastic Articles on Homeschooling
California Homeschooling Links
National Homeschooling Links
General Homeschooling Links
Legal Links
Educational Links
Homeschooling Periodicals
Homeschooling Events

Fantastic Articles on Homeschooling

California Homeschooling Links

National Homeschooling Links

  • National Home Education Research Institute-A nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and educational organization whose mission is to: produce high-quality statistics, research, and technical reports on home education…serve as a clearinghouse of research for home educators, researchers, and policy makers…and educate the public concerning the findings of all research on home education.

General Homeschooling Links

Educational Links

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One Reply to “Homeschooling Links”

  1. Just wanted to suggest a site for the resource links. VocabularySpellingCity is awesome. They offer spelling, vocabulary, and handwriting resources. This is a free site, but they do offer a premium feature. They have games, flashcards, video lessons, great teacher resources page, play, practice, review… They even just released a new app and have one more in the works for the iPad.


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