If you are wondering if homeschooling is for you and your family…I suggest checking out the homeschool podcast that I do with a local friend:

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Here are some specific episodes you should listen to first:

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And here’s an article on my homeschool blog that you might also be interested in checking out:
Why I Believe in Homeschooling

If you are concerned about preparing your child for the “Real World”, and think maybe public school is the best preparation for this, let me quote a very wise homeschooling mom (quoted with permission) and hopefully set your mind at ease:

“What about regular school is like the real world?
School, in general, and high school, in particular, seem to breed behaviors and feelings that many people spend the rest of their lives shaking off. Sometimes when I meet a VERY immature adult, I realize that they’re still treating life like high school…Success in life has nothing whatsoever to do with success in school. The type of competition taught and revered in most schools is detrimental to the cooperative teamwork that is needed for real success in business and personal happiness…It seems to teach a certain passivity in thinking. It breeds “followers” who can’t take a step on their own…The real leaders of tomorrow will be people who can stand on their own and think. Someone once said that children succeed despite their parents’ efforts to raise them (substitute schools).”

—  A homeschooling mom

Did you know that the Fresno area has a very large and active homeschooling community?

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  • Evie H. 3 years ago

    Hi. I have a 5 year old girl that I’m thinking about homeschooling. I work full time, but have a flexible schedule in which I could work from home. Do you think it’s possible to homeschool and work full time? I don’t want to cheat my daughter out of anything… But I really don’t want to send her to a public school where she will be indoctrinated and learn unfavorable behavior…

    Where do I begin? Do you have a set curriculum that you recommend?

    • WebmamaTina Post author 3 years ago

      Yes absolutely it’s possible! There are families doing it with dual income families even…you just have to be creative. Remember that homeschooling doesn’t have to happen during normal public school hours. It can happen at whatever time works for your family. Also, homeschool learning takes a lot less time than public school.

      I do not have a set curriculum I recommend. In fact I don’t recommend that new homeschoolers purchase any boxed curriculum, but wait and try many different things before making any purchases or committing to anything. As most veteran homeschoolers will tell you…we all have stories (myself included) of the excitement of the early years that caused us to plunk down a chunk of money on a very expensive boxed curriculum that didn’t end up working for us and we didn’t end up using it. Or not for long. Lesson learned. And we share with all newbies…DON’T spend any major money! Not until you get your feet wet and know more of what your style of teaching and your child’s style of learning is. AND, each child is different too! So even if one set works on one child, don’t count on it working for all of your kids (if you have multiple.)

      Now, where to begin? Read a lot. There’s info ALL over the web. There are even lots of homeschool YouTubers these days! And you can check out my homeschool blog: and the homeschool podcast that I do with another local homeschool mom: for starters. And there are tons of resources shared on both of those sites. Also, the 2 main homeschool organizations for California, and have lots of great info. We also have a large (over 1100 members!) local homeschool group on Facebook:

      Good luck!

  • Christy 4 years ago

    Hi webmama Tina, where would I find the necessary books to homeschool my second grader? TIA

    • WebmamaTina Post author 3 years ago

      Sorry Christy, somehow I missed this comment until now…not sure how that happened!

      There are no “necessary” books for homeschooling. Especially if you are filing a PSA. You are your own private school and YOU decide what you need to teach your children. Now, if you want to go by other people’s guidelines, there are many to choose from. You can join a homeschool charter…there are quite a lot locally…and some of them will give you the curriculum that THEY have decided you need to use. Though many local charters also give families the flexibility to choose. So it depends on what you want.

      If you are thinking there are set requirements for homeschooling, there are not, thank heavens. If you are filing a PSA, you make your own rules. If you are registered with a homeschool charter, it will vary widely depending on which charter you are with.

      But what it all comes down to is that there is no black and white in education. I would refer you to this article that I wrote awhile back:

  • Cindy 4 years ago

    I have some used A Beka books I would like to sale for a good price.

    • WebmamaTina Post author 4 years ago

      You could try the Christian Homeschoolers of the Central Valley Facebook group. You could probably sell it there, since that is a Christian curriculum.

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    I’m wanting to see if anyone can help me out by providing feedback of which homeschooling system you currently use or have used. The only one I am familiar with personally is Sierra charter school, which two of my children have attended briefly in the past. I am seeking to go back to homeschooling this year, my children’s ages are 9, 10, & 13.

  • Melissa Sears 4 years ago

    My family is looking into moving to Clovis this Summer. We have 4 boys ages 4-12. I’m looking into homeschooling my boys. We are coming from a MUCH smaller area and the large school sizes in Clovis make me nervous that my kids will get lost in the mix. :/ I’ve never homeschooled before, where’s the best place to start my research? Any recommended charter schools in the area? I’ll take any information I can get. ????
    Thank you!

  • may 4 years ago

    I’m a working mom and have a 13 year old daughter who’s dealing with chronic depression. We are seeking counseling help for her, forced to put her online schooling, this doesn’t seem to motivate her to log on. Do you know of anyone or programs that does home teaching visits and tutoring? Desperately wishful thinking here. Thank you.

    • Jennifer Rogers 4 years ago

      I am a stay at home mom and I live in between fresno and madera. What age is your daughter? I have a 3rd grader and a 6th grader I am homeschooling. Maybe i can be of aome help. I was a foster parent for three years to teen girl who had depression issues. So I can relate to your struggle. I can’t say that I know what you are going through because you situation is yours. But i am willing to help if you would like to meet me and my children.

      • Irene Andrade 4 years ago

        Hi Jenifer, my name is Irene Andrade and I have 3 kids, one of them is a girl and she is a 3rd grader and we are doing homeschooling for her. I would like to get in contact so the kids can have a play date. My email is if you are interested

  • Ambrea Patterson 4 years ago

    Hello I am considering homeschooling my 13 year old son. He was diagnosed with autism at age 4. He has had an IEP since entering grade school. I have noticed over the years his capabailties and would feel it wold be most beneficial to homeschool him. Is there any advice on the route in which I should take?

  • Scarlett Pruett 5 years ago


    We are a homeschooling family with 2 kids (10 and 12) moving to Fresno from Huntingtown, MD. We are possibly moving in the spring and wish to file as a private school. The problem is, you are supposed to file in October! Is there a loophole we can jump through to be able to continue homeschooling the rest of the year? We REALLY don’t want to put the kids in Public School or use the online curriculum, as we are in the middle of so much of our own curriculum right now. Thanks for your help!

  • alexandra 5 years ago

    I have a 3 yr old and I wanna home cool him I would like to know more about it. Hope to hear from you God bless you!

  • Odette Napoles 5 years ago

    hello, I have an almoust 3 year old girl and a 9 months old baby. My question is when is like the best time to start homeschool? im very interested in programs that i can follow so i can start, i dont want to push or rush too much my babies, so… 🙂

    • WebmamaTina Post author 5 years ago

      Legally you have until the year they are 6yrs old on or before Sept 1. And I do not recommend starting academics with them until after that, as developmentally it’s not appropriate. Young children learn through play and it is actually detrimental to them to push academics too soon.

      I have an article I just wrote about delaying academics as all the experts have been saying for YEARS and YEARS that it’s not appropriate to start too soon. (And yet the public school system and even many homeschoolers refuse to listen.) And too soon is before 6…some say even later is better. Read the article, there’s tons of great links to info in there.

    • Rachel Sims 7 months ago

      Hi my name is Rachel. I want to homeschool my daughter. How do I go about doing that. I don’t want to be a teacher. Homeschool her and help her with her homework. My email is

      • WebmamaTina Post author 7 months ago

        I’m not sure what you are asking, Rachel? If you are homeschooling your child, you ARE the teacher…you are your child’s teacher…can you clarify for me what you are wanting?

  • Andrea 6 years ago

    Looking for summer classes for my !4 yr old. He is a freshman at Caruthers High and struggling in math and science. Would like some information on what classes you offer.

    • WebmamaTina Post author 6 years ago

      Andrea, I’m not sure what you’re asking…you are posting on the homeschooling page. Homeschooling is when a parent educates their own child.

      I don’t offer any classes….I homeschool my own kids. This website offers lots of info on classes available in our area, but I don’t run any of them, I just list them on my site so others can find them.

      Sorry, I’m not any help. I’d look into the Fresno Adult School classes, if I were you. Or maybe Caruthers has an equivalent? Might also be able to do some classes at a community college.

  • Serena Lara 7 years ago

    I have a four year old daughter that I am interested in doing homeschooling but I would love to know the whole process I need to get it done.


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