I just deleted the webpage that was all about City Ordinances. This is a page that I created probably a decade or so ago, from info that was given to me on a local election flier. I don’t even remember what candidate it was, but thought it was interesting that they had all these city ordinances on it. So I typed it all up and posted it as a webpage here, thinking it would be great info for some people to have.

HOWEVER, what ended up happening is that became the most commented on webpage, as I kept getting person after person after person writing to complain about the ordinances or to tell their stories about neighbors or people they know that don’t follow the rules or to ask questions about the ordinances.

It felt like the people posting were thinking that the page was run by a City official. It’s not. Everything on FresnoFamily.com is from one person: me. I’m just a local mom, no connection to the City at all other than the fact that I live here.  I just decided I was tired of all the misunderstandings, so it was time to take that particular page down.

The truth is, the info may very well have been completely outdated anyway…and I didn’t like the magnet that page had become for questions and stories that really didn’t have a place on FresnoFamily.com.

So if you have any questions about Fresno City ordinances, I will ask you to now please direct them to the official City website:


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