Have you been to Cindy Ave yet?

We discovered this street years ago and last night the kids and I went looking for it again…thought it needed to be shared with those that haven’t been there at Xmas time yet.

I would say it rivals Xmas tree lane and Huntington blvd w/Xmas lights! The difference is that the houses are much closer together and it just feels like more to me. Also lots of people walking, any day, people out front of houses giving out hot cocoa, Santa visits in one person’s garage (and a line waiting to visit him), and not tons and tons of cars. There’s plenty, sure, but you can
choose which way to go, you don’t have to just follow the traffic…there’s quite a few streets and culdesacs to detour at, and its just more homey and down-to-earth, in my mind. I love it!

To find Cindy ave, you would go west on Alluvial from Railroad Park at Peach and Alluvial, and you’ll see Cindy on the right, a block or 2 past the Peach. You can’t miss it. When you look down the street, its ALLLLLL lights! There are other ways into the neighborhood but I find this the easiest way to remember.

Anyhoo…hope others enjoy it as well! 🙂

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