Just got this from someone on one of my local mommy groups:

Whenever you see graffiti or tagging on a wall or door or street or sign or wherever, you can call the Fresno Police Department Graffiti Bureau and they will come and get rid of it within 24 hours. I think this is really cool, and the more people who call in, the cleaner our streets will be. It also discourages gang activity if the “tagging” is gone fast.

The # is 621-TAGS (8247)

And another great idea…someone responded that they entered it into their cell phone so that they can call when they see it when they are out and about town.

Great idea! Let’s all do it and help clean up Fresno!!


  1. I just called and they said call back tomorrow. So i guess you cannot call on weekends

  2. hey im 15 years trying to joiun baske tball pleas getback at me

    1. Hey Rick, you need to contact the people that run the basketball teams. This is just a website directory that lists things to do in our area.
      But I cannot imagine anything is taking signups right now anyway since our entire state is on shelter in orders currently?

  3. Graffiti needs removed. 3531 Duke

    1. You need to call the number on this page. The city doesn’t own this website and they don’t monitor this webpage.

      Or you can go to this webpage that I just found by googling:

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