Did you notice?

I have been working for about 10months on this HUGE REVAMP of this website and IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!

For years I have wanted to turn this website into something new, even more useful. FresnoFamily.com started as a labor of love for just ME wanting something to catalog all the local things to do with my newborn daughter. Way back in Jan of 2001…there was simply nothing on the web to help me find all the things to do around town with my kiddo.

As our daughter grew and our family grew, and added a little boy as well…the site grew and added more and more info and features and evolved…


But I still had all my info on just regular web pages. Pages of lists. And that’s fine and all. It worked. But what I really wanted in recent years was something more Yelp-like. Something to enable locals to leave feedback on local businesses. So local families could help each other find the very best things to do with their children around this area.

I wanted a true DIRECTORY!!

I knew if I could do this, I could also enable local businesses to better display what they have to offer. They could claim their listings and edit them at will, instead of relying on me to edit them for them. (Often a time-consuming thing.)

But I had to first find the right program to do this.

I tried a few things over the years that didn’t work out.

And then I finally found THE ONE!! And now here we are!!

I am so very happy with how things have turned out! I hope you are too!

Now here’s what you can find on the NEW and IMPROVED FresnoFamily.com:

  • Searchable listings for a very targeted array of businesses (since I ONLY list businesses related to local families with children!)–You can search from the top of the homepage, as well as from the top of any of the category pages.
  • A map to peruse, find things by your actual area of town! (Maps on every listing page as well!)
  • Search by category–View the entire list of every category and subcategory at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Search by a wide variety of tags (viewable in the right sidebar of any listing’s details page).
  • View and submit upcoming local family-friendly events.
  • Rate and Review and read ratings and reviews of hundreds of local family-related resources.
  • And if you are a local business, you can claim your free listing to edit the way you like, and upgrade your listing to paid options for even more features. You can also submit your own free listing at any time, if your business is not yet included in the directory.

Take the time to check out all the new features that FresnoFamily.com has to offer and let me know if you have any questions!

Also, share the link with any local families you think might like to also check it out!

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