Hello FresnoFamily.com’rs! Webmama Tina here! I am pleased to share with you guys that I recently got a plugin for this site that checks for broken links! (OK, might not be exciting to you, but this geek mom is excited to clean things up around here!) And there’s a lot of them here on this site since I’ve not really done a ton here for some years (especially since there’s over 150 pages on this site now! AND even more noteworthy: I’m knee deep in homeschooling my 2 children, which takes most of my time!)

BUT, I’m getting back in the groove and am motivated to really spruce things up, as I’m getting more emails than ever from people wanting to update their info here and from people asking questions about info on this site. So I KNOW you guys are still getting a lot out of this site! Which is WONDERFUL! That’s exactly why I created it!

I’m determined to clean things up and revamp things a bit here and there. Starting with broken links. Currently there are about 160 broken links (down from 180 yesterday! Making progress already!) and I’m whittling away at them daily now. Shouldn’t actually take too long. It’s a pretty fast process. Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m ON IT!


I’m seeking to partner with some local organizations and businesses to post local family events as they are happening…fliers and graphics and info and the like…as guest posts.

So if you know a local family-friendly business or organization that regularly hosts public events (free or low cost preferable) for families with children…send them my way! I’m going to create accounts for select (hand picked by me) local family businesses/organizations to enable them to guest post on my site as a special privilege for them and to provide additional great content for all of you! (And ME, since I’m also a local parent and I want to know what opportunities are out there as well!)

As you can see, I have big plans for FresnoFamily.com! I am as dedicated as ever to continuing to maintain and update this site to remain the Valley’s BEST online parenting resource site! Please help pass the word along about this site and keep the local info coming! I LOVE when I hear from locals, helping to correct and update info on my site! It helps me out TREMENDOUSLY! IMG_7136

So from my crazy family to yours: Have a great day and enjoy this FABULOUS WEATHER!! It’s going to be gone all too soon!!

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