Otherwise known as Frequently Asked Questions

When and Why did you create FresnoFamily.com? 

I originally created FresnoFamily.com January 9, 2001, when my oldest was an infant.

Yes, you read that right…this site has existed THAT LONG! If you don’t believe me… go check out all the archived pages on the WayBack Machine! The first archived page of FresnoFamily.com is Aug 4, 2001, and wow did I NOT know how to web design back then! (LOL!) Explore the years there and you will see MANY transformations of this site.

Since I happen to have a page on my 2001 version of this website that is called “Why I Created This Site”, I will just quote some of what I said there:

While searching the ‘net for local interest sites…I found only professional sites, mostly advertising businesses, or with lists of links to other sites…most that were not local. I also noticed that local sites for families with children, as well as local parent sites, didn’t exist!
…And since, as a connoisseur of amateur websites…I tend to prefer the well put-together personal pages over professional sites anyday…I decided to create my own!


So there ya have it, direct from my 2001 mouth!

I continue on in my ever wordy way with even more on my thoughts for the site, if you care to read it. The site has since evolved…some ideas have gone by the wayside…but I pretty much still depend on you, the community, to help me keep this site relevant and current. Always have.

What is the purpose of FresnoFamily.com?

This site’s purpose has always been and always will remain:
To catalog all the resources available to parent our kids in the Central Valley, and JUST those resources related to parenting kids in the Central Valley.  Nothing extra to wade through.

This site will always be centered around FAMILY SPECIFIC INFO. I am not interested in sharing everything that the Fresno area has to offer…there are plenty of websites out there to do that.

If my business is listed on your website, can I control the info in the listing?

Yes, you can! You can “claim” your listing! 

In the past, business owners relied upon me to add or edit their business info on FresnoFamily.com. This often would take months for me to get to as I am a work-at-home mom that is running a couple of home businesses, running a home AND homeschooling my 2 children. Updating info on my website tended to get pushed to the back of the list.

But no more!! I have a system now set up so that business owners can claim their business listings and maintain control of their own listings!

What does this mean for you? For a small annual price, you can regularly update the info that the public sees on FresnoFamily.com! You can correct info as needed but ALSO you can swap out info and images as things change throughout the year and highlight specials and special events! It’s all in your hands!

NOTE: I do maintain final control over what goes public, only to ensure that nothing inappropriate is being published on my website. If I take issue with anything you’ve posted, I will work with you to have it corrected.