NOTE: I created this page long before I ever had a son. I have since had a son and he has grown into a fine young man. And no, we did NOT circumcise him. I could NOT even fathom doing that to him. He appreciates that we didn’t that to him and has never had any issue with the fact that he looks different than his father. We taught him all about how things were different when his father was born and people thought this was something important to do.

Honestly, he’s never, not once ever even cared about looking like his dad in this way. I seriously do not understand why any child would! Once he understood what was taken from his dad, he was horrified! And very grateful to us! From the time he was little this was the case.

The arguments for circumcision are just plain ridiculous. I taught my son to clean in much the same way as I taught my daughter. Move the skin and clean. It’s not complicated. Never have we ever had any issues with either child.

To assume that boys cannot handle their own cleaning is a huge insult to them! Of COURSE they can! They are every bit as capable as our girls to clean themselves! It’s not difficult!

And nowadays, it’s extremely common for boys to be intact. So I highly doubt that my son will have any issues with future lovers thinking he’s “weird”. According to a 2009 study, 67% of boys in the US today are intact…and that number continues to grow. In our state of CA, that number is even higher (77%). Among our friends, when our kids were little, I don’t think we had a single friend whose little boy WAS cut! So I know how common this is nowadays!

This is such a ridiculous conversation to continue to have…but yet it still persists. We don’t cut our girls, WHY do we continue to cut our boys??

For all the facts on why this is just a horrific thing to do to baby boys, read on….

“When my first son was born, I asked the pediatrician about circumcision. He asked if I wanted it, and when I replied I wasn’t sure he stated that it was not necessary, it was dangerous, and he had witnessed the hearts of baby boys stop because of the pain. I have thanked him many times for this wonderful advice…I am grateful my boys are intact.”

–Anonymous Mom


New Study: Circumcision Cuts Penis Sensitivity

April 2007 Study

Full Text

This study says that intact men have FOUR TIMES more sensitivity than circumcised.

What does this mean? Some circ’d men would say that they would not want to be MORE sensitive…But I have learned that this is a misinterpretation of this study…

From Marilyn Milos of, who was involved in this study:

“The 20,000 nerve endings that encircle the opening of the foreskin allow a man to know what his penis is feeling and where he is in relation to the ejaculatory threshold. These erogenous nerve endings allow an intact man to learn to ride the wave to orgasm. Without them, he goes “Ohhh, ohhh, oops! Sorry, honey, it’s because I’m so sensitive.”

In reality, it’s not because he’s so sensitive, it’s because the nerve endings he’s supposed to have are gone! Someone cut them off when he was too little to consent, resist, or escape. Circumcised men don’t ride the wave to orgasm. My circumcised husband says, “I’ve never had an orgasm. I ejaculate, but I’ve never had an orgasm.”  In human sexuality classes, men tell me the same thing. And, they’re happy to know they aren’t to blame for the #1 cause of sexual dysfunction in young American men: premature ejaculation. It’s not because they haven’t read enough, had enough experience, or are selfish lovers, it’s because they lack the nerve endings that would allow them to have normal sex.

As men get older and the keratinization process causes the free nerve endings on the glans to become more and more deeply buried and insensitive to stimulation, it takes the circumcised male longer and longer to reach orgasm. This is why older men complain about sexual dysfunction and impotence when they get older. That’s the legacy of what we’ve done to our precious husbands, brothers, and sons…

This, in part, is why we must bring the atrocity to an end!”

And later:

“And, yes, it is sad. Very sad! But, once we realize what the problem is, we can do something about it. Men stop feeling like it’s their fault, wives stop blaming them, couples begin to talk, and the deep tension that underlies many relationships because of a dysfunctional sex life dissipates. We can work with it when we know what “it'” is. And, we can stop making more “it”s happen, too! That’s the good news… I hope you’ll post this, the rest of the story, too.”

The rest of the story follows…



After all the years that I’ve had Fresno Family and I only am just getting around to making a page on circumcision. I put it off because it is a topic I feel SO strongly about. And I didn’t want to come across too strong.

But now I have a son.

And I feel even stronger about this topic, if that’s possible.
And I won’t mince my words.

Study Confirms Male Circumcision is Genital Mutilation


Circumcision is an outdated and yes I’ll even say it…BARBARIC practice…and anyone that truly educates themselves on the topic will see this to be the truth. There’s no reason to do it. All the research now shows that there are NO real benefits.


But I’m no expert…

But these people are:

Doctors Opposing Circumcision

Nurses for the Rights of the Child

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child

Routine Infant Circumcision is cosmetic surgery for infants.


Let’s look at the most common reasons people circumcise:

“To look like Daddy”–So if your son’s nose doesn’t look like Daddy, are you going to have surgery on that too? How about his ears? This makes no sense. It will be a LONG time before your son’s penis looks anything like his father’s…And by the time it does, he won’t be comparing. Your son won’t care that he doesn’t look like Daddy and neither should you. He’ll thank you for not having him unnecessarily cut.

“It will protect him from penile cancer, UTI’s, AIDs, blah blah blah…”–All of these have been proven false. Do your research. This information is still being passed around, even by people who should know better…It’s just plain wrong and outdated. Get your facts straight. There isn’t ANYTHING that circumcision will protect your son from. Here is a very enlightening pamphlet that goes through many reasons that have been given to circumcise and why they are not true. Print it up and give to anyone that tries to tell you otherwise.

“He’ll be teased.”–Actually, with the national circumcision rate now at 55%, that’s highly unlikely (especially with our homophobic culture)…and here in California, intact boys are in the majority at 60% INTACT, 40% circ’d. Pretty amazing eh?
Back to the argument that he will be teased…many kids will tease about anything and everything…Cutting off body parts won’t stop teasing. So you’re going to put your newborn son through a painful and unnecessarily surgery just because he MAY be teased? How about teaching him about strength of character and that people who tease are weak and have low self esteem?

“It’s better hygiene.”–No, actually it’s not. There’s nothing special about keeping a normal, natural, intact penis clean. There’s nothing difficult about it. Anyway, some people will never be clean, no matter how much you cut off. Don’t put your son through an unnecessary, excruciatingly painful amputation simply because you are worried about his cleanliness. This is ludicrous! Here’s an interesting thought, as one doctor wrote in “Circumcision: A Medical
or Human Rights Issue?
that removing the foreskin for hygiene’s sake is like removing one’s eyelid for a cleaner eyeball!

“He may have to have it done later, and that’s very painful so I will save him that by doing it while he won’t remember.”–This makes no sense. Your daughters have a much higher risk of getting breast cancer and so it would be more beneficial, statistically speaking, to remove the breast buds of baby girls than it would be to remove the foreskin of a baby boy, as a preventative measure. How ridiculous does that sound? Anyone you know that has had his foreskin removed as an older boy or adult will most likely (perhaps even 99% of the time) have had it done out of misinformation. Because we have a culture of doctors that don’t know about normal, healthy, intact penises, they are prescribing circumcision when they are unnecessary. The foreskin is the only part of the body that is routinely amputated from simple infections when any other part of the body would simply be treated and cured. It makes no sense.
And one of the biggest reasons that foreskins are getting damaged and infected is because people who don’t know better are retracting them. DON’T RETRACT YOUR INTACT SON’S FORESKIN! And educate the medical professionals that tell you to do so! The foreskin of an intact boy is ATTACHED! It will detach as he grows older, and this is normal and natural. As Marilyn Milos of says…You care for an intact penis the same way you would a finger. There’s just nothing special about caring for it! There shouldn’t be any retraction of the foreskin until it is sufficiently detached and the boy should be the one to do it himself at that point. You teach your intact son to hold back the folds and wash himself just as easily as you teach your daughter to hold back the folds of her labia and wash herself. Boys are just as capable as girls to do this. Don’t insult them by suggesting that they are not capable and so need surgical removal of a healthy body part to ensure they don’t forget to wash themselves! (Trust me, it’s been said!)
For information on the care of your intact son’s penis, see this pamphlet.

And Here’s a thought on the “he won’t remember it” argument–If an infant is raped, does it have no effect on them because they are too young to remember it? Does it make the crime any less heinous? No! They remember on a cellular level. Their body remembers! And if anything, I think it actually is MORE heinous BECAUSE it was done to them when they were vulnerable and powerless and trusting!

“Well it doesn’t really hurt anymore because they use anesthetic.”–I’ve been told that most circumcisions done in the US today STILL do not use anesthetic, because it is dangerous to the infant. This is the most sensitive part of a newborn baby’s body (its been said that babies are actually MORE sensitive than adults, as far as pain felt) and you are talking about not just cutting it off, but ripping it away (remember, it’s still attached on babies!) without any form of anesthetic. Or if they do use anesthetic, it is highly ineffectual. The cream pretty much doesn’t do much, and is dangerous. The shot hurts nearly as bad as the circumcision, and it has to be done FOUR TIMES for it to actually work! Then once it wears off they still have the pain of a healing amputation WITHOUT ANY PAIN MEDS. Something that vaseline does little to sooth as recurrent urination occurs in the open wound. And all this WHY???

Now please do not think that I am trying to make you feel bad.
This isn’t about guilt. This is about education.

If you’ve already circumcised a son, it doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. It just means you didn’t know. Marilyn Milos didn’t know. She had all her boys circ’d. They are all grown men now and she’s the founder and director of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) and coordinator of the International Symposia on Circumcision, Sexual Mutilations, and Genital Integrity. And she’s the first to tell you that she just didn’t know. When you know better, you do better.

So you say you already circ’d one child…how can you not do the next one?

You just don’t.

I could tell you of 2 local stories of moms that did just that. And they explained to their older sons that they just didn’t know better when they were babies. They couldn’t protect them because they didn’t know.

But now they know.

The boys understand.
They really do.

I should mention that there is SO much more information to be had on circumcision, including that there REALLY is a purpose for the foreskin!

If all of that doesn’t convince you, try watching this:
Penn and Teller Video


This webpage has more circumcision video links on it.

And here’s another that’s all circumcision videos.

And another great list of informative circ videos.
(Including a fascinating 2005 Dutch documentary called “Mom, Why Did you Circumcise Me?” In Dutch with English subtitles.)

I urge you to watch at least one circumcision, even if you cannot bear it.

You do NOT have the right to put your infant son through this and not watch what you are subjecting him to!

As a matter of fact, you do NOT have the right to put him through this without educating yourself fully on all aspects of circumcision.
You do NOT have the right to cut off normal, healthy tissue off the body of any non-consenting minor!

Since no national or international medical association in the world recommends circumcision, it can no longer be considered a  medical issue, it is a human rights issue!

Remember–It’s not your penis!

There’s a LOT written on the subject of circumcision by those that are MUCH more qualified than I. Please educate yourself.
Here’s just a few links to check out:

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