Published 4 years ago

Christmas Lights category added!

There are lots of festive lights to be seen in the Fresno area this time of year! To help us find them all, I’ve added a new category for Christmas…

Published 4 years ago has a new look!

Did you notice? I have been working for about 10months on this HUGE REVAMP of this website and IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! For years I have wanted to turn this website…

Published 10 years ago

Heads up about a change on

I just deleted the webpage that was all about City Ordinances. This is a page that I created probably a decade or so ago, from info that was given to…

Published 10 years ago

Fixing broken links & Update on

Hello’rs! Webmama Tina here! I am pleased to share with you guys that I recently got a plugin for this site that checks for broken links! (OK, might not…

Published 11 years ago

Some technical difficulties

Just wanted to give a heads up that I have received several emails recently from people trying to register with that have run into problems doing so. I’ve looked…

Published 11 years ago

Menu bar change

Just a heads up that I’ve recently condensed all the info from 2 menu bars into 1. All the same info is still there, it’s just been grouped differently to…

Published 11 years ago

Listen for my daughter on KJWL & KYNO

 From July 9-15, my 11.5yr old daughter Maeven will be featured in a PSA for The Discovery Center on both KJWL (99.3 FM) and KYNO (940 AM)! We are very…

Published 11 years ago


I’m fiddling with the menu bars again…and I seem to have messed them up…don’t worry, I’ll get it sorted out. But I need to go do family stuff for a…

Published 11 years ago

Fiddling with fonts today

Don’t mind me…if you notice the fonts seem wacky…I’m trying some new ideas for a bit of a change to Want to find a snazzier font for the site,…

Published 12 years ago

More tweaking going on

Notice anything different about today? It’s not a huge difference, but you may notice that I’ve taken out the left sidebar menu and added a second horizontal navigation bar…

Published 12 years ago

Please help spread the word about in this new year!

This year, I have a goal to bring more traffic to (which, after 11years, boasts over 800 visits PER DAY!!) and I need YOUR HELP! If you love…if…

Published 12 years ago

Need input on local kids sports opportunities

I am in the process of updating the kids sports page and would really like some input from local families as to what is out there. My family is not…

Published 12 years ago

Working on it right now

Adding back the links to the rest of the pages on today…The pages are still here, just the links disappeared when I switched to a different theme. This morning…

Published 12 years ago

Still working on revamp

Its taking longer than I expected to get all the page links back up on the menu. Bear with me. They’ll all be back again very soon! 🙂

Published 12 years ago

Updating site right now

If you’re looking at this this morning and think things look a little wonky at…you’re right…I am currently fiddling with the new theme I created. So hang in there,…

Published 12 years ago

Updating FresnoFamily pages

I am slowly working my way through’s webpages, looking for inaccurate and outdated info. There’s a LOT of pages, so it would help me greatly if anyone notices any…

Published 12 years ago

Anything you’d like to see?

I’m currently in the process of helping a non-local friend create a local site for her area, similar to, and it has me thinking of all sorts of great…

Published 13 years ago

Wild Water Ticket Contest off to a SLOOOOOW start!

Not a single person has submitted an entry! :(Come on people, this is 6 tickets to Wild Water! That’s worth $161.94!! And all you have to do is take your…

Published 13 years ago

All fixed

OK, I just backtracked and undid the thing that messed up FresnoFamily. All should be well now. 🙂

Published 13 years ago


Bear with me folks, I seem to have fiddled with something that messed up the theme (template) for While I await help on how to rectify this, all the…

Published 13 years ago


Phew! Its DONE! Well, there are a few little things I still need to fiddle with…but nothing that most of you would even notice…But I’ve been working on this for…

Published 13 years ago

Houston, we HAVE a website!!

OK folks, the revamp is nearly complete. It now looks mostly like its supposed to. Lastly, I have to install all the plugins that I use to make the sidebars…

Published 13 years ago

Theme up, but not done yet!

OK now you should be looking at a wooden fence with pictures (butterfly, sneakers, flower) hanging above it. Hang tight because its not ready yet! I have to upload my…

Published 13 years ago

Revamp underway!!

If you’re reading this and there’s a dark picture on top with a tree lined country road…the revamp is not yet complete. Stay tuned, I’m still working on getting the…

Published 14 years ago

Revamp of Fresno Family in Progress

I’m switching to a new format for and am in the process of redoing all the webpages with the new system. Its very exciting! Its been a LONG time…

Published 15 years ago

New “Beat the Heat” Page!!!

I just added a “Beat the Heat” page to Fresno Family… I’m finding that its very hard to figure out what to do in the heat of summer…the heat tends…

Published 16 years ago


I finally figured out how to get this blog feed fed to the Fresno Family homepage!! WOOHOO!! *Doing-Meposian-Dance-Of-Joy*

Published 17 years ago

I’ve not been online so much lately

I’ve not been as active online lately because I started homeschooling my 5.5yr old daughter just recently. So I’ve had to cut down my computer time considerably to focus on…

Published 17 years ago

The new Fresno Family Online Mall is open for business!

At this time I’m taking businesses to list in the mall…Its still brand new so it’ll take a little while to get things filled up. Please pass the word along…

Published 17 years ago


How to Create a High Quality “Mommy and Me” Program “Mommy and Me” programs are popping up all over in many forms. Learn how you can tap into this exploding…

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