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Any good Fresno Podcasts?

Hey Fresnans! I am currently REALLY into listening to podcasts, and was just wondering….are there any good Fresno podcasts? I can search on iTunes, but thought it might be more fun to get recommendations from locals that actually listen (or

Want to get home videos on dvd to give as gifts this holiday season?

My hubby is offering his services to transfer video/camcorder cassettes to dvd, so if you’d like to transfer some home videos or whatever to dvd and give as xmas present…he’s your man! The formats he can transfer are: VHS, VHS-C,

Please come tomorrow to support The Discovery Center!!

The Discovery Center‘s new 40yr lease will be voted on tomorrow at City Hall during the City Council open session….sometime between 9 and 10am…and we would like a lot of grownups and kiddos there to hoot and holler and give

Wild Water Adventure Discount Tickets!

Click here for $6 off tickets (no longer available) This is a special discount specifically for FresnoFamily.com readers!!  Share the link with all your friends and family!

If you’re sad about The Met…

You will probably want to know this bit of good news… Remember The Discovery Center? The local nonprofit science center whose museum was destroyed by fire about 10 years ago?  (www.thediscoverycenter.net) Well not only are they still in existence (programs

So what do YOU think about the Met situation??

I have my own opinions on the current situation with the Fresno Met. But I want to know what YOU think. Please leave a comment by clicking on the title of this entry to take you to the blog and

Let’s help out Storyland!!

Storyland is a really wonderful resource here in the Central Valley, where we really don’t have a lot of things for our children…Really, if you look at the list of places created for children in Fresno specifically, the list is


I got a call today from someone from Fashion Fair Mall security and was assured that the store clerks were NOT correct in saying that security “won’t come”…he suggested that they may be confusing the issue with the fact that


Myself and some of my fellow local mommies are making calls to the mall and to local media to bring attention to this matter. I haven’t yet gathered the info tidily in one place, but when I do I’ll post


A friend of mine was at the mall this weekend and witnessed a store clerk chasing down some shoplifters. After retrieving her stolen goods, when a concerned customer asked if he should call security, she said “Don’t worry I got


I don’t know if you remember me posting in Aug 2005 about a knife fight incident at Fashion Fair mall. Right next to the children’ play area. (Recap: Knife was pulled during a fight, right next to the play area,

Good news!

I recently received the below exciting email from the director of Storyland and Playland, in response to my post below: I read your post on the home page and sensed your discouragement. I wanted to write to encourage you that

Is Fresno Child Friendly or UNfriendly?

My below letter I wrote makes me think: “Seriously…What’s WRONG with Fresno? Why can’t it maintain quality programs for children?” Do you have a theory? I actually could continue to add to the above list…Sea Angels recently went under…awhile back

Local aquarium needs your help!

Please forward this email to all your Fresno County friends! Fresno County’s Cooperation Needed Supervisors Need to Hear From You! This week, City of Fresno Planning Director, Nick Yovino, sent a letter to Bart Bohn, Fresno County’s Chief Administrative Officer,

Shade petition

Please sign this petition for sun shades over our children’s parks!!!