Car Seat Info

NOTE: This is for help FITTING YOUR OWN CAR SEAT…NOT for a free car seat!


Here is a list of places to call about local free car seat FITTING:


CHP (Fresno) – Anyone in the office can answer questions: 441-5441

CSN (Children Services Network) – Elvira Clay: 456-1100

Clovis PD – Margarita Serrano: 324-2599 or 324-2800

Fresno Center for New Americans – Dia Yang: 255-8395

Fresno PD – Officer John Belli: 621-5050

Madera County Health Dept – Natalie Hernandez: 459-7893

University Medical Center – Kathleen Cagle, RN: 459-4342

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  1. I have a friend who recently obtained custody of her sister’s young children. Apparently ‘Momma’ won’t give her the kids’ carseat so! Is there a program that offers carseat so in this situation?

  2. I called Fresno PD – CSO Courtney Espinoza: 621-5050 and they said I had the wrong number they do not offer any thing like that. So rude to me such a shame how fresno pd can be so rude to someone they don’t even know…and I didn’t give no attitude at all…crazy…

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