Myself and some of my fellow local mommies are making calls to the mall and to local media to bring attention to this matter. I haven’t yet gathered the info tidily in one place, but when I do I’ll post here for others to use if they would like to also join us. For now, just use the phone book…That’s what i’m doing.

Let me make sure that I’m very clear that I am not trying to demonize the mall or security at Fashion Fair…I’m sure they have a tough job to do and Fresno has plenty of problems for them to contend with, particularly with juvenile (and not so juvenile) delinquents and gang issues and such.

I think the mall has done amazing things as far as the atmosphere and the beauty of the place these days…I think its great that they have upgraded so much and more stores are going in! Unfortunately, the riff-raff apparently also seem to enjoy the changes.

It’s a concern to me that violent incidents like this happen at all…But of course that’s the reality of life in fresno (in america, well, the world!) what concerns me the most is the comments from the store clerks (2 of them at 2 separate stores, on 2 separate days) that security doesn’t come. And that their comments make it sound like this is a regular occurence.

It is incomprehensible to me that security isn’t super strict, particularly since there WAS a knife fight incident in 2005 (right next to the children)…If nothing else that should have made it very clear that there is a great potential for a major incident. Thank goodness no one was actually hurt. But if they are truly lax with their security (which I still am gathering info on, so I don’t really know for sure), then they are bound to eventually have an actual injury, or worse, of a innocent bystander. And apparently the riff-raff do not care about the safety, physical OR emotional, of children…Since both incidents that I know about happened right next to the children’s play area.

This is NOT acceptable. and I hope that those of you reading this feel the same way. It is unacceptable to have a public place where parents cannot count on security to do all they can to keep the riff-raff OUT in the first place, and to keep our children safe (along with us, of course).

There should be some sort of prevention happening…Shadowing of the gangs of kids that like to hang out at the mall…(Incidentally, this week’s incident did not appear to be teens…My mom says they looked in their 20s.)…And particularly keeping a very close eye on the kids play area.

I know that after the 2005 incident that there WAS a great showing of security at the play area…Even to having someone keeping the big kids out (since they don’t belong there and can hurt the littles that the play area was designed for)…But somehow that seems to have faded away. I was told yesterday by someone that there is new management at the mall. I’m guessing she meant since the 2005 incident. I don’t know if this is true or not, but perhaps old management didn’t share with new management about the knife incident? I don’t know.

And another aside…I realize I’m making a big deal out of TWO incidents…but those are just the ones I KNOW about! I imagine many more have probably happened…Particularly since the store clerks seem so disillusioned with security’s response.

I welcome input on this situation and hope that we can continue to have a discussion on this and get something done. I like fashion fair mall. I do not want to feel I cannot shop there because its unsafe for my children.

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