Are you a local photographer that would love to get your images spotlighted and get some FREE publicity?

I’m in the process of revamping’s look and am working on adding a slider (slideshow) to the top of the newly revamped site. I would like to include local photography of things to see and do around town with kids in that slider!

Because this site is “FresnoFAMILY”, I’d really like to have photos that offer the unique perspective of family with kids and Fresno combined. If you are a local photographer, here’s your chance to show your stuff and get some free exposure!  (Oh look, a little photography pun!)

So here’s your challenge:

  • Think of what there is to do and see around Fresno with kids (Check around on’s Local section for ideas, if need be…there’s a lot there! Just go up to the navigation bar above where it says “Local” and see all the stuff that drops down!)
  • Pick something local to show with your photography and your family (or borrow someone’s family, with kids!)
  • Pick a unique way to show this thing to do or see. Sure, you can just pose your family in front of the statue or show them playing mini-golf…but how boring is that? Dig deep into your creative photographer self and find a unique perspective…Think of the child’s perspective and shoot from the angle of the toddler, in the foreground, and shoot from the ground looking up at the towering family and statue above….or put the kids hanging upside down from the play structure at the cool park and shoot the entire pic upside down so they look rightside up with hair sticking up….Have the whole family mimic the facial expressions or body posture in that statue or mural, side-by-side…Just get creative!!

Do as many as you like…and they don’t all have to be quirky….just not boring. I don’t want a bunch of posed images or straight shots of landmarks. I want artsy, interesting pics to make’s slider interesting. And I’d like families with kids in the shots as much as possible…though not absolutely mandatory for every image. So if you have good, interesting shots of family friendly, Fresno area things to see and do that you think might be interesting to see on FresnoFamily, send them over!

You can email to me at webmama_tina(at)fresnofamily(dot)com. (I write it this way so the bots can’t scrape my email from the site and add me to all their spam lists. Just type the right symbols in there.)

What I’ll do if I pick your photos, once the new site is ready to launch:

  • Add them to the slider, with a watermark that credits your work (you can add your own, if you prefer….actually I recommend) where they’ll rotate for a period of time.  I haven’t decided yet on how many I’ll have in there or how long they’ll stay….that’ll be determined later. But I will continue to pull from these photos and rotate them back through the slider over time, so they will continue to rotate back into there over time.
  • Create a web page for your images to spotlight your work…and the slider image, when it is rotating through, will link to that web page. This will share your work and a link to your website, social media, etc. That will give you the free publicity you’re looking for! I’ll also add a little blurb about you with info on who you are and what sort of work you do locally, and anything else you’d like to share. Let people know if you are doing this for fun or if you can be hired for a specific type of photography, that sort of thing.  And this web page will stay visible on the site indefinitely.

So….any photographers out there looking to get their work visible to more people? Check out this page to see what sort of traffic FresnoFamily gets.   This site was created in 2001 and after 14 years, continues to be a valuable resource to many people in this area! This could be your chance to get your work in front of a lot of eyes!

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