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  • Proud Mom

    My husband and I have take the girls to different places trying to find the perfect environment for them to build skills on some type of sport or activity. Spent quite some money it was hard because, one of them was in the right age to join a group but my little one was always left a the side because of her age. One day talking, to my daughters school principal, she mentioned “GYMNASTICS BEATS” and showed me the wonderful photos of her daughter performing acrobatics, something We have always been looking for our girls to do . Came home mentioned to my husband and one day he decided to drive to this amazing place, place where my girls are been having a amazing time, practicing Acro, Gymnastics, and cheer. Not forgetting the excellent services and friendly couches and parents in there. They also have summer, fall and spring camps, there is no better place that here to leave them during this time, when my husband and I have to work. SAFETY AND CARE.

  • Kyneshia

    My kids were struggling with weight and thankfully I found Gymnastics Beat. Their classes keep my kids active.

    I also take them to art class which has stopped my youngest from drawing on walls at home. Who knew she was really an artist! My kid has progressed to gymnastic pre team and I am proud.

    The birthday parties are amazing!

    The coaches are friendly and helpful. But most of all my kids are always safe!

  • Gymbeatfamily

    We are and have been a part of the gymnastics Beat family for the last 7 years in recreational and team programs/classes. They truly are family to my kids.

  • I used to take my kids to Gymnastics Beat when they were preschool aged, and they really enjoyed themselves! I highly recommend! My experience was with the preschool gymnastics classes and mommy and me…they were well designed for the littles and the teachers were very friendly and kind working with such little guys. My kids enjoyed playing on the equipment a lot and couldn’t wait to go each week!

    The gym is amazing (and clean!), with so many fun things to do! My kids always had so much fun! Their favorites were the tumble track and the trampolines! They just couldn’t get enough of them!

    I’ve been to Gym Beat with my kids for some events too, over the years, including a Breakfast with Santa, a field trip, and a birthday party…and all were top notch! Great fun! Everyone should check it out if they have a child that wants to try gymnastics!

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